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2018 BBC Audio Drama Awards

The BBC Audio Drama Awards are given out every year to the best audio drama in various categories. See below for the list of Award Winners and Finalists (with links to each). (This list is obviously very late, but the 2019 ones are currently being decided, and it reminded me I'd never finished off this last of the audio awards I was looking into.)

Original Audio Drama (Single Play)

Winner - The Red by Marcus Brigstocke
- My Review

Finalist - Dangerous Visions: Culture by Al Smith

Finalist - The Music Lesson by Hannah Silva

Shortlist - Foxes by Padraic Walsh

Shortlist - Jayne Lake by Matthew Graham

Shortlist - Solitary by Hannah Silva

Audio Drama (Series or Serial)

Winner - Black Eyed Girls by Katie Hims

Finalist - Dangerous Visions: Resistance by Val McDermid

Finalist - Home Front by Sarah Daniels and Katie Hims

Shortlist - Lifeafter by Mac Rogers

Shortlist - The Pursuits of Darleen Fyles by Esther Wilson

Shortlist - Tumanbay by Mike Walker, Ayeesha Menon & Andy Mulligan

Audio Drama (Adaptation)

Winner - A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Finalist - Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Finalist - Terrible Beauty by Gerald Doyle

Shortlist - Crime Down Under: Prime Cut by Alan Carter

Shortlist - Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot

Shortlist - Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Shortlist - Oedipus the King by Sophocles

Shortlist - Unmade Movies: Hammer Horror’s The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula


Winner - Nikesh Patel in Midnight’s Children

Finalist - Paapa Essiedu in Wide Open Spaces

Finalist - John Hurt in The Invisible Man, Chapter 1
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - James D’Arcy in The Dark Earth and the Light Sky

Shortlist - Adam Nagaitis in The Archivist

Shortlist - Joe Sims in Oliver Park: The Easter Riot


Winner - Christine Bottomley in Solitary

Finalist - Anastasia Hille in Long Day’s Journey into Night

Finalist - Julia McKenzie in John Finnemore’s Double Acts ‘Mercy Dash’
- My Review
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - Shauna Macdonald in Falling

Shortlist - Gina McKee in The Mother

Shortlist - Maxine Peake in The Thrill of Love

Shortlist - Sian Phillips in The Things We Never Said

Shortlist - Alison Steadman in Our Hylda

Supporting Actor/Actress

Winner - Rupert Evans in Long Day’s Journey into Night

Finalist - Roger Allam in The Government Inspector

Finalist - Amelia Bullmore in The Beard

Shortlist - Henry Goodman in The Birthday Party

Shortlist - Samuel James in War of the Worlds

Shortlist - Sian Phillips in Pygmalion

Debut Performance

Winner - Sabrina Sandhu in Black Eyed Girls

Finalist - Andrew Leung in Crime Down Under: Prime Cut

Finalist - Kate Phillips in Gudrun's Saga
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - Michelle Keegan in On Kosovo Field

Shortlist - Will Merrick in Tolkien in Love

Shortlist - Georgie Morrell in Jayne Lake

Shortlist - Ruby Ashbourne Serkis in In Here

Use of Sound

Winner - War of the Worlds

Finalist - Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Finalist - Midnight’s Children

Shortlist - Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot

Shortlist - Lifeafter

Shortlist - Manfred

Scripted Comedy (Longform)

Winner - Sarah Kendall: Australian Trilogy: A Day in October by Sarah Kendall
- My Review
- Amazon UK

Finalist - Liam Williams: Ladhood by Liam Williams
- Amazon UK

Finalist - The Penny Dreadfuls: Le Carré on Spying by David Reed

Shortlist - Ankle Tag by Gareth Gwynn & Benjamin Partridge
- My Review

Shortlist - A Charles Paris Mystery: The Cinderella Killer by Simon Brett
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - John Finnemore's Double Acts 'Penguin Diplomacy' by John Finnemore
- My Review
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - Mr Muzak by Richie Webb

Shortlist - Parental Guidance by Max Davis

Scripted Comedy (Sketch Show)

Winner - It's Jocelyn by Multiple

Finalist - The Absolutely Radio Show by Multiple

Finalist - Harry and Paul Present: The Gentlemen's Club by Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse

Shortlist - The Brig Society by Multiple
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - Dead Ringers by Multiple

Shortlist - Desolation Jests by David Renwick

Online or Podcast Audio Drama

Winner - Rathband: A Digital Tragedy by Christopher Hogg

Finalist - Can't Get You Out of My Head by Charlotte Bogard McLeod

Finalist - Inside Donald Trump by Andy Hamilton

Shortlist - Blood Culture by Philip Connolly, Lance Dann & David Wigram

Shortlist - King Lear by William Shakespeare
- Amazon UK

Shortlist - The Prisoner - I Met a Man Today by Nicholas Briggs
- Amazon UK

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