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2018 Parsec Awards

The Parsec Awards are given out every year to the best speculative fiction podcasts in various categories. See below for the list of finalists (with links to each podcast).

Short Form Story (Small Cast)

A Non-Hero’s Guide to The Road of Monsters by A.T. Greenblatt (Podcastle)

Random Play All and the League of Awesome by Shane Halbach (Cast of Wonders)

Six Jobs by Tim Pratt (Podcastle)

The Case of the Black Lodge by Aaron Vlek (The Wicked Library)

The Rags on His Back by Christopher Long (The Wicked Library)

The Long Afternoon of Sir Rupert Moncrief by Gareth D Jones (Gallery of Curiosities)

Long Form Story (Small Cast)

Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love and Magic by Julie Cox (Nobilis Erotica)

Derelict: Tomb by Paul E. Cooley

Gone by Sunny Moraine (My review)

Sons of Macha (Shadowmagic 3) by John Lenahan

The Aldergate Papers by Adrian Ward

Short Form Story (Large Cast)

Buddies for Hire by Edward Champion (The Gray Area)

Excuse Me by Kaitlin Statz (Liberty: Tales from the Tower)

Loopholes by Edward Champion (The Gray Area)

The Beast of the Western Wilds: A Witch Hunter Tale by Domien De Groot (The Audio Epics Podcast)

Short Form Audio Drama

All's Fair by Lewis Blemings-Derrick

Inhale by Rick Coste

The Axe & Crown by Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard

The Mayan Crystal by Fred Greenhalgh

What Happens When The Stars Go Out by Jesse Clark (The NoSleep Podcast)

Long Form Audio Drama

Ark City by Adam Christopher (My review)

Exoplanetary by C. Christopher Hart

Nairobi Jack Rackham and the Lost Gold of the Atlantimengani by Thomas E. Fuller (Centauri Express)

Time Trip! Season One by Gabe Templin and Orlando Segarra (Just Press Playhouse)

Video Story

Grant's Advent Calendar by Grant Baciocco

Radioactive by Susan and Jeffrey Bridges

The Uncle Interloper Show


Escape Pod

Rude Alchemy


Tall Tale TV

New Podcaster/Team

Gone (My review)

Immunities (My review)


The Amelia Project (My review)

The Phenomenon

Specific Fandom/News

Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast

Lower Decks: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Rebel Force Radio

To The Journey!

General Fandom/News

Anomaly Podcast


The 602 Club

Two Gay Geeks

Content Creation

Eating the Fantastic

Radio Drama Revival

Under The Puppet

Fact Behind The Fiction

Astronomy Cast

Decipher SciFi

Flash Forward


Tale Foundry


Kakos Industries

Robotz of the Company

Wynabego Warrior

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