The Cambridge Geek

Author notes

The Cambridge Geek (or "Rob") took a passing whim of writing a blog way too far and now has this review website which he obsessively updates as near to daily as possible.

Up for review is any science fiction or fantasy he happens to read (books, comics, manga), watch (anime, films, theatre, TV), play (games), listen to (podcasts/audio shows) or attend (events). BBC Radio also sneaks in fairly frequently, and he sometimes has an original thought. If you're lucky, The Girl might post on a Friday.


You can follow the Geek on Facebook or Twitter, which he updates when he posts. There's also an RSS feed for the old-schoolers. Following him in real-life is potentially possible, but probably illegal.

Review guidelines

The blog is a hungry machine, and needs constant feeding. Clever use of things that don't cost money or cost a relatively low subscription (thank you the BBC, podcasters, Netflix etc) make this a just about affordable proposition, but freebies are always gratefully received, as long as they fall into the SF/fantasy bracket and the categories above. Fair warning though, it's not ethical to give a pass to things just because they've cost him nothing (trust, once broken, is rarely repaired), but if he finds it completely not to his taste, will likely simply not review.


He's a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (also and he refuses to use actual visual ads, so that's the only way he'll make back his hosting fees. Try not to judge him too harshly. Even Lego people need to eat.


If you happen to have a generous heart and filthy lucre burning a hole in your pocket, you can "buy him a coffee" at Ko-Fi. (He would say this was rather disingenuous, given that really it's just a new version of the old paypal "donate" button, except for the fact he does actually drink quite a lot of coffee.)