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The Cambridge Geek reviews any science fiction or fantasy he happens to read, watch, play or listen to. Since this is a hobby, rather than a job, expect a post every couple of days. Or follow him on Facebook, or Twitter which he updates when he posts. (Or the RSS feed. It's still a thing. Who'da thunk it?)

If you want to submit a post, feel free to prod the contact button. If you want to chuck something at him to be reviewed, also prod the contact button. Note, things provided for review will be added to the ever growing list of things he still barely has time for, and will be treated like a gift from a friend. That is, a review may or may not happen, in a timely manner or not, and you'll not get a preview, copy approval or right of refusal. Seems more honest that way. (Mind you, he's not a monster. If something is mostly terrible, he might just "Did not finish" it and not write up anything.)

He's a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (also and he refuses to use ads, so that's the only way he'll make any money. Try not to judge him too harshly. Even Lego people need to eat.

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(And while I'm begging, if you happen to work for the BBC's press office and want to give me access to BBC Radio Previews, I will bite your hand off. Politely.)