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2020 BBC Audio Drama Awards

The BBC Audio Drama Awards are given out every year to the best audio drama in various categories. See below for the list of Award Winners and Finalists (with links to each).

Original Single Drama

Winner - Sea Longing by Elizabeth Kuti

Finalist - The Invisible by Linda Marshall Griffiths

Finalist - Torn by Eve Steele

Shortlist - Five Rachels by Katie Hims

Shortlist - Martians by Lucy Caldwell

Shortlist - The Not Knowing by Dan Maier

Shortlist - Red Earth, Red Sky by Janice Okoh

Original Series or Serial

Winner - Life Lines by Al Smith

Finalist - D for Dexter by Amanda Whittington

Finalist - Undercover Mumbai Series 3 by Ayeesha Meno

Shortlist - First Do No Harm by Al Smith

Shortlist - Good News Stories by Katie Hims

Shortlist - House Rules by Ben Lewis

Shortlist - Love Thy Synth by Hannah Silva


Winner - Black Water: An American Story by Joyce Carol Oates

Finalist - Body Tourists by Jane Rogers

Finalist - Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Shortlist - Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming

Shortlist - Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Shortlist - In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

Shortlist - Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray


Winner - Finalist - Stephen Dillane in Sea Longing

Finalist - Sule Rumi in I Am Kanye West

Finalist - Stanley Townsend in The Macefield Plot

Shortlist - Edward Hogg in Epitaph for a Spy

Shortlist - Matthew Kelly in Nine Bob Notes

Shortlist - Joel McCormack in First Do No Harm


Winner - Rebecca Front in Love in Recovery

Finalist - Katherine Kelly in A Badge

Finalist - Lydia Wilson in Black Water: An American Story

Shortlist - Christine Bottomley in Lullaby

Shortlist - Louise Brearly in The Not Knowing

Shortlist - Charlie Murphy in The Country Girls


Winner - Mary Ward-Lowery for Talk to Me: HP Lovecraft

Finalist - Mair Bosworth for Deaf Republic

Finalist - Nicholas Jackson and Steve Bond for Savages

Shortlist - John Norton for Deacon: Moonlight on Water

Shortlist - Celia de Wolff for Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time

Debut Performance

Winner - George Kent in A Kestrel for a Knave

Finalist - Nadia Clifford in Good News Stories

Finalist - Sade Malone in Torn

Shortlist - Mohammed Amiri in Savages

Shortlist - Gabrielle Creevy in Found

Shortlist - Abraham Popoola in An Angel in Miami

Use of Sound

Winner - The Invisible sound by Steve Brooke

Finalist - An Angel in Miami sound by Steve Bond

Finalist - Hello Caller sound by Michael Harrison and Alison Crawford

Shortlist - Black Water: An American Story sound by Gary Newman and Mike Etherden

Shortlist - The Halloween Skewer sound by Tony Churnside and Jon Holmes

Shortlist - Love Thy Synth sound by Steve Bond

Scripted Comedy (Longform)

Winner - Phil Wang: Wangsplaining by Phil Wang
- My Review

Finalist - Mark Steel's in Town - the Forest of Dean by Mark Steel and Pete Sinclair
- My Review

Finalist - Phil Ellis is Trying by Phil Ellis and Fraser Steele
- My Review

Shortlist - Charles Paris: Star Trap by Jeremy Front

Shortlist - Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off…Article 50 by Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremy Salsby
- My Review

Shortlist - Suggs: Love Letters to London by Suggs and Owen Lewis

Scripted Comedy (Sketch Show)

Winner - Finalist - Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar by Alexei Sayle
- My Review

Finalist - Kevin Eldon Will See You Now by Kevin Eldon

Finalist - Terry Alderton's Whole Half Hour by Terry Alderton and Richard Melvin

Shortlist - The Damien Slash Mixtape by Damien Slash/Daniel Barker
- My Review

Shortlist - Dead Ringers by Multiple

Shortlist - The Halloween Skewer by Jon Holmes

Podcast or Online Audio Drama

Winner - Passenger List by John Scott Dryden, Lauren Shippen and Mark Henry Phillips

Finalist - Forest 404 by Timothy X Atack

Finalist - The Ordinary Epic by Brandon M. Crose

Shortlist - Rusty Quill Gaming by Multiple
- My Review

Shortlist - The Verb Dramas by Multiple

Shortlist - We're Alive: Goldrush by Kc Wayland

European Drama

Winner - Buzz Suppression - Recording Strictly Off the Record by Ulrich Bassenge

Finalist - The Invisible by Jaroslav Havlíček

Finalist - The Lesson by Manu Barceló

Shortlist - Byzantine Soap Opera by Jasna Mesarić

Shortlist - When the Stars Fall - Life Fragments of Maria Callas by Cesare Ferrario

Imison Award

Winner - Vicky Foster for Bathwater

Finalist - Testament for The Beatboxer

Finalist - Colette Victor for By God's Mercy

Tinniswood Award

Winner - Ian Martin for The Hartlepool Spy

Finalist - Tanika Gupta for Death of a Matriarch

Finalist - Katie Hims for A Fragile Peace

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