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The Damien Slash Mixtape
The Damien Slash Mixtape

This is a five minute set stretched painfully out to a fifteen minute comedy slot, and it shows badly. There's hints of something good, with the initial fast pace, setting up really decent short gags in the style of the Fast Show, but they get overworked very quickly. See the Morgan Freeman series for an example. First run at it, unexpected and fun. After that it drags.

I'll confess, the dragging wasn't aided by the fact that someone felt the need to include a jingle between pretty much every sketch/gag. Felt like someone was time filling badly, which is foolish for a show this short.

There are a couple of other characters that might be interesting, such as the high concept trolling, but they get ground too small. Not convinced I'll hunt down the second episode.

Not recommended.

Tagged: Radio Comedy Monologue Sketch