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Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off... Article 50

Like the recent revival of Party, it would appear the confusing life of Giles Wemmbley Hogg (two Ms, two Gs) as played by Marcus Brigstocke has been restarted eight years after it was last around.

Why? Why anything right now? Obviously it's Brexit.

Since Brexit is obviously going terribly well, someone needs to step in and assist with the negotiations with the EU. It's probably not a Chris Grayling, who is off doing whatever a Grayling does.

Luckily, because nepotism is alive and well, Giles' godfather (Alexander Armstrong) thinks he would be an excellent person to do this. His sister Charlotte (Catherine Shepherd) is along for the (pedalo) ride, which is handy because his plan to save the day involves cooking a very large meal to get all of the other countries' delegates onside, and he needs a lot of mussels fast.

This is painfully topical, by which I mean the real life scenarios this references cause me physical pain. We've got people who muck things up and then rapidly walk away. The Irish negotiation team are behind a door that fails to open. The food for the meal gets stuck at customs. The Leave-voting Devon fudge maker isn't at all concerned about the after effects. He makes fudge. In Devon. It's definitely not a problem that all of the ingredients come from the continent. In real life it's awful, but this manages to give it enough of a twist that I managed to find some laughter.

It's Giles, which means it's very jolly. Brigstocke is still wonderful as the oafish but lovable idiot, and the cast around him keep it light in general. And the plan for a new economy based on Ritter Sport is a delight. Did wonder if that one was a sneaky Fags, Mags and Bags reference.

As long as the word Brexit doesn't make you cry yet, give it a listen. And hunt down the previous series if you enjoyed it.

Score 4

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