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Found it rather hard to believe that it's been six years since the first broadcast of the most recent episode of this series, but it has. Its return for a Christmas special therefore didn't quite surprise me as much as it perhaps should have done. Luckily, doesn't have any impact on my enjoyment on what is still a very fun show.

It's been years since "The Party" (official name pending) got together, and their political aspirations have somewhat fallen by the wayside. They've been vaguely busy; one now an estate agent, one a carpenter, two living on a commune and being very pregnant, and one "employed" as a social media influencer. But the sheer horribleness that is Donald Trump has compelled them to head back to the picket line.

That's right, they're off up to Scotland to protest at one of his golf courses, because he's dropping in for a flying visit. They've got an offensive message display, a belly full of fire (or baby in one case) and an original Mini to get them all up there. Leg room may be an issue.

As previously, this is all done in real time, over the course of a half-hour slice of the journey, and effectively is a peek through the window of their friendship into the hub-bub of their persistent bickering. Naturally, their arguments are hilarious, and the show has managed to maintain the range of voices and characters really well. Duncan is still useless, Jared is egotistical, Mel is sensible, Phoebe is vain, and Simon...well, he's there.

It's gloriously petty, with trivial fights over who has what seat in the car, and what you can buy in a golf shop. It's also impressively believable, which was always the power of this show, being able to come up with naturalistic dialogue that covered utterly absurd topics. That's especially true of the climax of the tale, which gets religious. I'll leave you to enjoy it.

Score 4

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