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Fags, Mags and Bags
Fags, Mags and Bags

As it enters its seventh series, I think it's fair to call Fags, Mags and Bags a long runner. The Glasgow corner shop has managed to stay fresh while sitting very determinedly in the "light entertainment" market section. It's remained contemporary, and has a pleasantly down to earth approach to comedy. It's never run to high drama, finding humour in the simple interpersonal relationships of shopkeepers.

The first episode of the new series is an excellent example. Dave is struggling with his feelings for Leslie, being unenthused for his invitation to the premier Lenzie restaurant "Burger Burger Burger Burger Burger". (They do burgers.) But you know at the end of it, there's not going to be a great big punch up.

Might be considered boring by some, with this lack of high drama. But there's enough aspects to it that if you don't enjoy one minute, the next one should be better. There's still the silly little wordplay, and the other shopkeepers have their own extensive range of problems, including chop obsession, the evil demon gluten and bras. Etc.

No barrier for entry, so there's nothing stopping you just starting to listen at this episode. Might have to hunt down earlier ones if you find yourself hooked. They're available here.