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Anime Reviews - Page 8

Reviews of anime I've watched (at least some of) are archived here. Not necessarily just the best, as I've hate watched some horrible shows over the years. Expect magical girls, dragons, maids, dragon maids and the Girl's favourite genre, yaoi porn.

Boarding School Juliet
2018 November 27
Goblin Slayer
2018 November 24
Release the Spyce
2018 November 13
Zombie Land Saga
2018 November 10
Jingai-san no Yome
2018 November 08
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
2018 November 05
Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san
2018 November 04
My Sister, My Writer
2018 October 30
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
2018 October 28
As Miss Beelzebub Likes It!
2018 October 27