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Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

Another anime in that genre more commonly known as "the author did this job while attempting to start a manga".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Honda is a bookseller. He sells books. He is also a skeleton. This doesn't appear to significantly impact customer service. This might be because he lives in a confusing world that contains a multitude of different creatures that work in retail, but it's more likely that this is because all of the staff are a bit strange. They all have odd heads, which might include wearing a bag, a helmet, or some other accoutrement.

And it's always porn!

Actually, it's mostly manga in general. As much as the title is Bookseller, the bookshop sells only manga. I suspect that's a case of writing what you know.

It's only a short programme, running at ten minute episodes, and tends to run at a fairly frantic pace, bouncing through the difficulties of organising, purchasing, marketing and selling books.

Marketing. The real evil.

I'm a book nerd. This should be right up my alley. But weirdly, it's not. I'm not quite sure why, but it's just vaguely dissatisfying. The details of how the book world works should interest me, but instead we have this gag show with jokes that fall a bit flat. Perhaps it's because it instead tries to do interpersonal comedy and it's not necessarily very good at it.

Everyone needs a hobby.

It's not helped by the bizarre censorship the show goes through. It does that odd thing where any given manga has a single letter dropped, or a slight beep, which leaves the information utterly obvious. I don't know if it's an odd legality, or just for silliness, but I honestly found it annoying. I'm four episodes in, and I'm dropping it. Had enough.

Score 3

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