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Boarding School Juliet

Remember Romeo and Juliet? It was quite popular for a bit. Chap called Shakespeare did it. Well now it seems someone's decided it might be worth adapting it (novel idea, I know), into an anime. Which is how we've got the story of Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia.

The two of them are school children. They're at a special school, called Dahlia Academy, which houses two sets of students. These are the Black Doggys and the White Cats, and they represent two different countries. The countries are at war, and so the kids tend to fight their own proxy battles through minor bullying and frequent scuffles.

Romio is a Black Dog, Juliet is a White Cat, and naturally they're in love.

"I can't bear not being with you."

It's one of those childhood romance things, with Romio mooning over Juliet since they were children, and Juliet seemingly to mostly go along with it (though there are occasional hints she actually really likes him).

Of course, since they're on opposite sides of the proxy war, they're not allowed to let any of their colleagues find out about the relationship, and have to only go on dates in disguise. As you might expect, disguise usually means putting Juliet into a small boy's outfit with a tiny wig, and having all the other student's fawn over him. The girls find him cute and the boys don't understand why they want to sleep with him.

"Listen very carefully..."

The risk of being caught means that whenever they're interrupted during a romantic clinch, they have to start fighting, and Romio most often comes off worse for this. But it's fine, because he lives in that slightly odd world of romance anime, in which nothing ever actually matters or has a serious consequence.

That gets even worse in that of course we have a collection of women around him who are desperate to try and break him up from Juliet and get with him themselves. There's all the prefects, who are both stern and tiny girls. And there's a princess, who happens to run the White Cats. And Hasuki, the other Black Doggy who has been his chum since childhood, and who is really a far more suitable partner for him. Also yandere.

Not at all creepy.

It's inoffensive. That doesn't necessarily mean it's good. There are a few decent moments of comedy, but it doesn't do anything particularly novel with the standard romance tropes. The main couple are sometimes cute, but they don't hold a candle to this year's best couple, Rascal and Bunnygirl, who I suggest you watch instead.

Score 3

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