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Jingai-san no Yome

This is so short and light on actual content that I almost feel bad getting an entire post out of it. I could boil this down to a tweet. If you want to skip the rest of the post, read the next paragraph down and then go find something else to do. Maybe read a book?

Two words: "Don't bother."

Now, for everybody else who made the mistake of clicking on this one, a little summary. This is a three minute long show, about Tomari, a student. He lives in a world full of monsters. And for some reason, each of these monsters gets to choose a human to be their wife. Tomari has been been selected by Kanenogi, who looks like what you'd get if you stretched a Moomin (and possibly made it breed with Little My). Tomari got picked out of this world's version of Tinder, also known as the school register.

"Please look less excited about this."

Tomari's completely understandable displeasure about this lasts for about four and a half seconds. He can't be worried about it for longer than that, the show just doesn't have the time.

So five seconds later, he is so on board with this whole scheme that he's moved in with whatever the hell Kanenogi is, is having a nice relaxing bath with it, is dressed in an apron doing his best to make lovely food and is snuggling into its fur.

I honestly do not know.

This could have gone the way of How to Keep a Mummy, which was a generally light and fluffy show that was sufficiently inoffensive that I enjoyed it, but instead it gets disturbing right from the off. No one thinks it is at all weird that these children are placed into relationships with literal monsters. There is no oversight of their new house, which apparently the state gives them for free. (Slightly disturbed there's a whole undertone of marrying money to escape hideous poverty going on here.) And worse than that, all of his friends want in on it too.

My thoughts precisely, bandage boy.

The school bully goes gaga over the invisible person. His childhood friend has a pig-like monstrosity, that somehow keeps going bald. At some point, twins are going to turn up, because hell, there's no way twincest can make this any weirder, right?

I have so many questions. And I know the show isn't going to answer them. And even if it does, I refuse to sit through any more of this show to find those answers out. It's pretending to be cute but is just horrendously shallow. "Oh look, a cute thing. Look at the cute thing. Pretend we have a plot!"

Just no. Take it from my sight and drop it in the sea.

Score 2

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