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2021 BBC Audio Drama Awards

The BBC Audio Drama Awards are given out every year to the best audio drama in various categories. See below for the list of Award Winners and Finalists (with links to each).

Original Single Drama

Shortlist - The Ballad of Bobby Sands by Tom Kelly

Shortlist - Eight Point Nine Nine by James Fritz

Shortlist - Happiness! by Ian Billings

Shortlist - The Likes of Us by Roy Williams

Shortlist - Magnitsky the Musical by Robert Hudson and Johnny Flynn

Shortlist - The Other Tchaikovsky by Harriet Madeley

Original Series or Serial

Shortlist - 24 Kildare Road by Katie Hims

Shortlist - Body Horror by Lucy Catherine

Shortlist - Broken English by Shelagh Stephenson

Shortlist - D for Dexter by Amanda Whittington

Shortlist - Prostrate by Martin Jameson

Shortlist - Someone Dangerous by Andy Mulligan


Shortlist - Cane by Jean Toomer

Shortlist - Grossman's War: Stalingrad by Vasily Grossman

Shortlist - Oil on Water by Helon Habila

Shortlist - Oliver: Lagos to London by Charles Dickes

Shortlist - The Plague by Albert Camus

Shortlist - The Voyage of the St Louis by Daniel Kehlmann


Shortlist - Idris Debrand in Oil on Water

Shortlist - Toby Jones in Henry IV Part 1

Shortlist - Robin Laing in This Thing of Darkness

Shortlist - Jack Lowden in R. L. Stevenson's Weir of Hermiston

Shortlist - Matthew Needham in Othello

Shortlist - David Threlfall in Happiness!


Shortlist - Shauna Macdonald in This Thing of Darkness

Shortlist - Siobhan McSweeney in Nora Webster

Shortlist - Maggie Steed in Suffer Little Children

Shortlist - Frances Tomelty in The Ballad of Bobby Sands

Shortlist - Harriet Walter in Absent in the Spring

Shortlist - Marcia Warren in 24 Kildare Rd

Debut Performance

Shortlist - Dan Krikler in Unicorns, Almost

Shortlist - Libbi Mai in Girl With a Pearl Earring

Shortlist - Jordan Nash in Oliver: Lagos to London

Shortlist - Valentine Olukoga in Half of a Yellow Sun

Shortlist - Eliott Steel in Unite

Shortlist - Luke Wright in Christabel

Use of Sound

Shortlist - Bar Answer sound by Steve Bond

Shortlist - Cane sound by Nigel Lewis

Shortlist - The Grey Man and Other Lost Legends sound by Steve Bond

Shortlist - Islands sound by Chris Watson and Ruth Kennington

Shortlist - The Kubrick Test sound by Alisdair McGregor

Shortlist - Over and Out (Murmurs Ep 1) sound by Catherine Robinson
- My Review

Scripted Comedy (Longform)

Shortlist - Alone by Moray Hunter
- My Review

Shortlist - Charles Paris: A Doubtful Death by Jeremy Front

Shortlist - The Musical Life of… by Dan Kiss and Dave Cribb
- My Review

Shortlist - Reincarnathan by Tom Craine and Henry Paker
- My Review

Shortlist - Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme by Tim Key
- My Review

Shortlist - Tristam Shandy: In Development by Christopher Douglas

Scripted Comedy (Sketch Show)

Shortlist - Agendum by Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley
- My Review

Shortlist - The Lenny Henry Show by Multiple

Shortlist - Newsjack by Multiple

Shortlist - SeanceCast by Charlie Dinkin and Zoe Tomalin

Shortlist - The Skewer by Jon Holmes
- My Review

Shortlist - Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones by Milton Jones, James Cary and Dan Evans
- My Review

Podcast or Online Audio Drama

Shortlist - Children of the Stones by AK Benedict and Guy Adams

Shortlist - Fake Heiress by Vicky Baker and Chloe Moss

Shortlist - Murmurs by Multiple
- My Review

Shortlist - The Sink by Natasha Hodgson
- My Review

Shortlist - Tribulation by Adam Jahnke
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- Amazon UK

Shortlist - Unwell: a Midwestern Gothic Mystery by Jeffrey Nils Gardner and Eleanor Hyde

European Drama

Shortlist - Earthquake by Janko Polić Kamov

Shortlist - Holidays from Suicide: a Fantastic Journey with Iggy Pop by Birgit Kempker and Anatol Atonal

Shortlist - In the Absence by Manu Barceló

Shortlist - In Winter by Multiple

Shortlist - Leaba an Bháis by Darach Mac Con Iomaire

Shortlist - Three Lives of Dmitri Shostakovich by Pavel Molek

The Year of Reinvention Award for Most Creative Response to the Global Pandemic

Shortlist - Connections produced by Polly Thomas

Shortlist - A Fortunate Man produced by John Norton

Shortlist - Free Your Mind produced by Noemi Gunea

Shortlist - Goblin Market produced by Jessica Dromgoole

Shortlist - Lockdown Theatre Festival produced by Multiple

Shortlist - The Plague produced by Turan Ali

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