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I missed this at the start of last year, but it's one of those lucky pilots that manages to turn into a series so they're playing it again ahead of the first series starting this week.

This is Moray Hunter's version of Friends (or maybe Coupling), in which five middle aged people with a range of personal problems attempt to live in a house divided into flats.

It vaguely rotates around Angus Deayton, as a therapist attempting to act as the voice of reason to his more chaotic neighbours. These include the under-sexed Ellie and over-sexed Louisa, the socially inept Bennett Arron and the violently aggressive Pearce Quigley.

As you might expect, comedy comes from the clashing personalities, which are all nicely realised. With a relatively large cast like this, it's always a risk that they might run together, but they're all pleasantly distinctive.

Not a particularly novel concept or plot (romantic overtures), but the execution is sufficiently good that it doesn't matter. Deayton's sardonic style works well for narration, and contrasts nicely to the more extreme personalities of the rest of the cast.

Better than expected for a pilot, which have been a bit hit and miss recently, so not surprised it's got a series. Certainly will be listening to it.

Score 4

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