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Audio Drama Debut is a weekly showcase of trailers for new and upcoming audio drama, audio fiction and audio RPG (actual play) podcasts. If you've got a trailer (say for podcasts released in the last 3 months from whenever you read this) that you potentially want included, feel free to Contact Me. Trailers are otherwise found from my monthly release lists of all audio drama and the associated Twitter account.

Don't worry, you don't need to listen to every episode in order. Dip in and out as you like. Any hints of continuity (of which there is relatively little), will be signposted in the episodes show notes.

Here's a secret list of all of the shows I allude to in each episode.

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The Librarian (+ technical gubbins): Me.
All the good voices: @Skitty Cat.


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S01E42 - 20201129 - Investigation

Shows covered in this episode include:

Jim and Jan - Apple
Blast into Adventure! - RSS
Exile - RSS
Cold Storage - RSS

And have a



S01E41 - 20201122 - Briefing

Shows covered in this episode include:

Beyond the Veil - RSS
The Martian Broadcast - RSS
The Gaia Miracles - RSS
Spirit Box Radio - RSS

And have a


And some

Background reading