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Audio Drama Debut: The Answers Page

This page has the answers to the "guess what show I'm alluding to" part of the Audio Drama Debut podcast, as well as the theme that inspired the selection.

This page contains the answers for Season 3.

S03E01 - Trapped
If Anyone Should Find This
Escape Capade
Double Bubble

S03E02 - Theft
Potter's Wheel
Theft of the Master

S03E03 - Censorship
Bioshock: A Radio Drama
The Guerilla Poet

S03E04 - Bender
Epic Fun Land
Black Jack Justice
Demon Draw

S03E06 - Old
7th Son

S03E07 - War
The War of the Worlds
The Edge of Midnight

S03E08 - The UK
Gather the Suspects
Dungeon Economic Model

S03E09 - Very Early History
A Comedy of Danger
When Love Wakens

S03E10 - Sexy sex sex
Love, Sex & Frankie
The Dr. "Sex" Reese Show
Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke

S03E11 - Temperature
Tucson heat
Eddie's Desert Rose
Dispatch from the Desert Planet

S03E12 - Voting
Pick the Plot
Choose Your Own Mystery
Please Tell Me What To Do

S03E14 - "The Event"
Caretakers of the Waiting
Queens of Adventure