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Audio Drama Debut: Characters and World

This page gives a bit of background to the Audio Drama Debut podcast, just in case you're wondering who everyone is.

The Greater Library: A really big library, which contains both non-fiction and fiction sections, most importantly the Library of Audio Fiction, which is where the podcast is mostly set. There are a non-zero number of monsters who work in the Library.

The Acquisitions Librarian: Works in the Library of Audio Fiction, collecting all of the new fiction and drama podcasts. Remarkably inept, but stays hired because he's the only person able to properly file horror under fiction. (The monsters file it under non-fiction.)

Doris: One of the Post Witches (a special class of monsters who were made in the Library to deliver post). She's a particularly small example (about 1 foot high), having been made as a prototype express service. Not particularly efficient, but the Post Master likes her.

The Factchecker: A clockwork automaton made to keep all of the employees honest and eliminate any disinformation (intentional or otherwise).

Dave and Steve: The Security Guards. Always together.

Mr. Fidget: The Library Dog.

The Director: Entirely human, but just not prepared to put up with anybody's nonsense. Everyone thinks she has a drinking problem, but they're actually miniatures of coffee syrups with the labels removed.

Tim: The head of the Library of Audio Non-fiction. We're not entirely sure, but at least the skin is human. Allowed to eat three people a year (plus one child - they count half).

HR: Don't ask.