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Listening Log - 05 March 2022

Here's (some of) what I've listened to since the last one of these.

Sinkhole - S01E01-E05

A relatively new one, and also relatively short, this is interesting. Sci-fi tends to usually have one "big idea", or alternatively one "big lie", which is the element pushed beyond current knowledge or technology. Everything else has to then flow from that one big idea in a logical manner. But here, there's two.
The first is Nev-tech, brain implants which allow people to share thoughts, emotions, experience. It's the metaverse, but done properly. (And also horribly, if you think too long about the implications. See Black Mirror.) But the narrator of this show, who is nominally presenting an audio guide to Nev-tech, can't use it herself, because she's a victim of the second big idea - the Sinkhole. This is just there, in the background, theoretically a bit of worldbuilding, but actually a massive black hole of questions. Not a lot of answers yet, but I'll keep listening to this one.

Lads on Tour - S01E06-E07

Speaking of answers, we've got a few more in Lads on Tour, as they get to the pub and think about waiting for all this to blow over. Some suspicions are arising about Lucas (the goodest boy), and I'm still very intrigued by the overall plot happening here.

Tales from the Glass-Guarded World - S01E25-E26

The most terrible of horrors for our heroes now, acting as bar staff. Silliness continues as they attempt to protect a bookend from an explosive theft. Recent change of cast hasn't affected it too badly, though I did find the recent (to me, not in time) interrogation episodes particularly interesting.

The Glass Cannon Podcast - S01E11-E15

In rather more silliness, finally got back to this one. I tend to dip in and out, because sometimes it feels like there's two different games being played by different players. It's very jovial mostly, but sometimes a moment of seriousness comes in and you get the impression someone is trying to push the RP more heavily. Interesting to see these early steps given how popular it got though.

Mahabharata Now - E01-E02

Having never watched Succession, I'm going to confidently say that this is Succession, if it was set in India.
The head of Hasta Enterprises dies, and unexpectedly leaves the company to his nephew, instead of his son. These two, Dhruv and Yash, have to decide how to proceed. Naturally, they don't do this diplomatically, but instead engage in dirty tricks, a bit of actual fighting, and possibly relying on the gods for things to be solved by a bit of magical realism.
Good cast, decent plot, and all well presented.

1954 - E01

One I listened to solely because I was preparing the "Today in History" post on the twitter account, and it happened to release 5th March. Essentially a prelude to 1984, it's very well acted, and has quite a lot of deep thought put into it. Only four episodes, so I should finish it off.

Fags, Mags and Bags S10E01-E04

Bit like slipping into a warm bath. Something I posted about a very long time ago, this one is always an automatic listen because it's comfortable. Doesn't ask much, but always gives you warmth back, as things generally wrap up nicely and people prove to be better than their natures. Relaxing.

U.Me: The Musical

Listened to it, felt it was a bit too schmaltzy. Stephen Fry didn't really help.

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