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Listening Log - 19 February 2022

Here's (some of) what I've listened to since the last one of these.

Absolutely No Adventures - S01E11 (Special)

Great fun here, with Sig's bakery, who after previously saving a kingdom (I think - it was some time ago), is now helping that kingdom celebrate, but making a wedding cake for the queen. Naturally, given his luck and the nature of the show, it isn't going to go that easily, so in this longer than usual episode, get wedding crashers, a quick Narnia-ing, and the discovery of secrets. Enjoyable as always.

Please Use Other Door - S01E01

A sketch show series, finally started after a pilot quite a long time ago (which apparently I wasn't tremendously impressed by). I'm going to suspect covid may have played havoc. Still, enjoyed this one, so either I've mellowed or it's been polished a bit more. Worth a chortle.

Celeritas S01E03-E04

Get a bit more background into what's going on with the mad experiment into space, as well as having no small engineering difficulties with the solar sail. Still impressed with how much this one does with an intentionally limited premise. Will definitely stick with it.

Musical Interlude - Stupendium

Can't remember how I wandered across this now, but essentially it's a chap doing novelty songs related to different video games. Absolutely loads of them, and some rather impressive videos, but I will admit to having mostly been stuck on the songs for House Flipper and The Outer Worlds (with the occasional side-line into Control). Managed to enjoy the Outer Worlds song so much, I've started playing the game again. May have to give up on Inscryption for a while.

Deconstructive Criticism - S02E01-E02

After the first series' finale, featuring a wedding and an ex-girlfriend of Paul, the two parents are still very much not talking to each other. Lots of work to be done by Cor to get them at least in the same room, or somehow starting to chat again. While this one isn't my sort of thing in terms of not being speculative fiction, I think it hits a nice point between comedy and naturalistic dialogue. Makes it an easy listen.

The Earth Collective - S01

A repeat of a previous listen, I thought I'd try this one again after another mention on reddit - get yourself on r/audiodrama, people, it helps - and admittedly bounced off it again. Don't know if it's the radio effect which makes it a bit too annoying to listen to, but can never remember what's going on or who is who. (I think part of this is also the bits of preview put into the feed unexpectedly.)

Rusty Quill Gaming - Final Q+A E01

Some more answers, some important, some not, but it's certainly interesting to hear all of this background material that never made it in, as well as seeing how much of it is forgotten or made up on the fly. And this was not where I expected to encounter Darren Grimes, everyone's least favourite young Tory.

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