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It's been a while since I've encountered a sketch show on the radio, so this one is a pleasing interruption to this painful week of watching the US election. (Update - it's now Saturday evening and it's finally over, so that's nice.)

Runs as you might expect, with a few pieces standalone, and some sketches following a thread through the episode. Fairly absurdist, with a bit of observational, but mostly scenarios pushing pretty heavily into the silly. We've got a start-off with someone who thinks they're on a Zoom call in real life, but it gets dafter quick.

There's someone who can't find an organisation to deal with an elephant wandering through his garden, the new social media trend of washing your legs, and the difficulty of deciding how fatal the seppuku should be at a child's birthday party. The more recurrent pieces involve a chap getting jobs at more unusual workplaces, such as the Schrödinger institute, or the M. C. Escher gallery.

Sketch shows do tend to be a mix of hits and misses, and this one unfortunately for me had more misses. None of the sketches got me guffawing, it being more of an occasional chuckle. Nice to have, but not a thrilling addition. Given it was marketed as new writers to radio, that could potentially be understandable, but there's a few more experienced names attached to this, so not sure.

This post is definitely more of a ramble than intended, but in summary this one is somewhat disappointing. (Though I'll grant that the pub quiz sketch was a high point.) I do wish we could get back to more sketch shows though.

Score 3

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