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All of 2021's Audio Drama, Audio Fiction and Actual Play Podcast Debut Releases

Here's the big list of every new podcast I found that debuted in 2021, sorted by format and primary genre. The three formats, "Drama", Fiction" and "RPG" are:

Drama - a script, written to be performed aloud, either by a full cast or a single person

Fiction - a reading of prose, though potentially with cast members reading different dialogue

RPG - actual plays of tabletop role-playing games

If you aren't on this list and you think you should be, or you are on this list and want to fill in more of the information for my database, contact me here.

What were the best podcasts of 2021? Shout your favourites in the comments.

Previous years: 2020, 2019.

(Click on a format title to move between formats, and then click on a genre title to expand - it's possible the "show/hide" div function doesn't work on all browsers. Try another one if so, and feel free to tell me what's wrong in my code.)

Also, this represents probably literal weeks of my life building/cataloguing databases. If you want to support this effort, I have both a Ko-Fi and a Patreon. Thanks!

Drama - Adaptation

Drama - Adventure

Drama - Comedy

Drama - Crime + Mystery

Drama - Cyberpunk

Drama - Erotica

Drama - Fables, Fairy Tales + Folklore

Drama - Fanfiction

Drama - Fantasy

Drama - Historical

Drama - Horror

Drama - Multigenre

Drama - Occult + Supernatural

Drama - Post-apocalypse

Drama - Romance

Drama - Science fiction

Drama - Slice of life

Drama - Soap opera

Drama - Sport

Drama - Steampunk

Drama - Superhero

Drama - Thriller + Psychological

Drama - Urban fantasy

Drama - Western

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