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This is a beta page I'm running to try and improve "discoverability", by looking at more tagging of shows, for a number of possible future purposes - categorised pages, curated lists, not sure yet. Please enter your show name at the top of the page (matching the "Title" tag in your RSS feed) and then select all of the relevant results. Only provide an email if you want to - it's not necessary, but I may use it for contacting you in the future.

And a quick note about "podfade". Sometimes podcasts fall off the internet, through no fault of the creators. If you find yourself no longer able or wanting to keep your podcast up on the internet, but you want it to remain available to interested people in the future, please Contact Me if you want me to archive your (in)complete show. It can be nice to have awareness of your work somewhere, even if it's just hosted on a webpage rather than an RSS feed.