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Dropkick on My Devil!

Yurine is a witch, who summoned a demon one day, for reasons that might become clear later in the series, but I'm not likely to find out. That demon is Jashin, a lamia, who is desperate to be returned to hell. Unfortunately, unless Yurine releases her, Jashin can only escape by murdering her. Which she tries to do a lot.

Luckily for Yurine, Jashin is rather incompetent and so the end result is this "comedy" series, in which a half-snake woman constantly tries to murder a witch, and fails repeatedly. In return, the witch tends to enact horrible bloody violence (perpetually censored by the good old-fashioned square pixels). Jashin, however, has a regeneration ability of which Wolverine would be jealous, meaning that she always pops back up to try again. Occasionally after having had bits of her tail cut off to turn into some nice food. (If this is making you nostalgic for Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, which had similar tail eating shenanigans, go watch that instead of this. That's better.)

God that'd make some seasons easier.

Along with the lamia, also residing in Yurine's house or simply popping in for a visit often enough that they might as well live there, are Medusa, a gorgon, Pekola, a falling angel and Minos, a minotaur. They're the best of friends! Except that they're not. Their lives all rotate around Jashin's narcisstic approach to life and the conflict that inevitably causes. The snake is intended as an egotistical monster who always gets her comeuppance, in a Road Runner and Coyote style, but she's more annoying than anything else. There's also a goat-headed observational demon who offers opinions on what's going on, again, vaguely interesting, but not compelling.

Fourth wall breaking is not uncommon.

That irritating nature spoils what could be quite an interesting show. It tends to drive all of the other characters into being a little one-note, so whereas a better show would have nuance, here we have old tropes rolled out in the hopes that the fact it's a monster girl is enough of a change. It's not. Just because your small child learning about the world is a snow maiden, doesn't mean the fight she has with the main (dickish) character isn't entirely predictable.

I mean, it's not a harem show, which is something of a bonus. And there are a few moments which play with the fourth wall that are actually a bit novel. For example, there's a section where one of the characters pretends to still be censored, (due to violence), but instead has created the effect artificially. That's pretty damn clever. But it's being done by someone I have no empathy for, or interest in seeing succeed, which rather kills off the whole show for me. Dropped after four episodes.

Score 2

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