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Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Are you looking for an anime like Recovery of an MMO Junkie? Then I've got something you might be interested in.

Narumi is a fujoshi otaku, and has struggled to find a relationship because boys tend to be turned off by her nerdy/pervy (also nervy) ways. She's now decided that in order to get close to a person in her new job, she's going to hide her creepy geeky ways. Which works perfectly well until she is recognised and accidentally outed by her socially awkward, equally geeky childhood friend Hirotaka.

Childhood friends, getting together to drink and reminisce about old times and the difficulties of trying to date people who have an interest in their shared hobbies can't possibly hook up, right? Oh wait, they do in the first episode. Moriko could learn a lot from these two.

I've had relationships like that.

So while you're not going to get the same "will they/won't they" silliness that Recovery gave you, this is positioned effectively as a sequel, with them now working out how to behave when dating someone who is just as useless as they are. Naturally, everything tends to get thought of in meta terms, with a fair bit of dating sim logic thrown in there.

I'm pretty sure that last option is prostitution.

Luckily they've got friends in the form of Hanako and Taro, a couple who've been together for a fair bit longer, and so help them with some of the more tricky aspects of dating. No, this doesn't involve foursomes you filthy-minded people. Though it's impressively honest, with very little of the giggling behind hands you might expect of terrible romance.

It's a lot funnier than it has any right to be, especially given that it's laughing at geeks. No, I'm not taking it personally. Honest.

I'm not taking it personally because it's obviously made with love by people who are deep into the nerd culture it pokes gentle fun at. There are more than a few references (some obscure enough that neither the Girl or I get them, which is impressive) and it does a good job of matching the awkward personalities to the struggles of early days in relationships.

The narrator is the best sort of dick.

It's got impressively spot on gaming references (none of this made up generic nonsense) with a nice bit of Mario Kart playing, along with the vitriol that only that game can cause when partners lose to each other. (That blue shell has probably destroyed more relationships than infidelity.) And the problem joint gamers run into of spending so long gaming they forget to do the romancing.

Various other things it's similar to that you might have enjoyed include Gamers and A Sister's All You Need, so if you enjoyed them, I recommend taking a look at this. The Girl is certainly addicted to it, part of which is down to the fact that even though it's a comedy, it has a very strong emotional core, and no shortage of "awwwww" moments.

Score 5

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