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Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

I don't think I've ever watched an anime that was as true to its title as this one.

Ms. Koizumi is a new student at school, but doesn't make much of an effort to get to know people or make friends. Yu makes the greatest effort in this regard, but is always rebuffed with a firm but polite "no, thank you". Since she is a sensible young woman, with a good head on her shoulders and impeccable manners, Yu sets out to make friends any way, the only way she knows how.


In the course of her obsessive profiling of this new person, Yu makes a shocking discovery. Koizumi loves Ramen Noodles. Who'da thunk it?

And so begins the anime proper. There are effectively three different plot threads running through this, each of which have their own appeal. The first is Yu's obsession (her name is probably short for Yuri, after all) with Koizumi, which continually leads to either stalking, desperate moves to win friendship or situations being mistaken for romance.

Koizumi stating her preference for noodles being firm while Yu leers in the background.
Don't think this really needs a funny caption.

The second is Koizumi's slow opening to the idea of friendship, beginning to accept people into her life, especially the handily colour-coded schoolgirls, each of whom have a matching personality.

The third and most important thread is Koizumi's love of noodles. I mean, she really loves them. I highly suspect she doesn't eat anthing else.

Koizumi stating that noodles are her only family.
There's probably a dead mother in the backstory somewhere.

Which allows the anime to go on, at some length, about how nice particular ramen types are, how you can make ramen tastier, the history of ramen, where you can buy the best ramen, basically all you ever wanted to know about ramen but were afraid to ask.

You were right to be afraid, by the way. This girl really can talk about ramen.

Girl surrounded by ramen on shelves, in a similar manner to the Matrix lots of guns scene.
"We need ramen. Lots of ramen."

You may or may not enjoy this anime, depending pretty much entirely on whether you can remain interested in being lectured to about ramen for about twenty minutes. Apparently I can, which is an interesting discovery. It doesn't even have any ecchi, which is a nice change for this season..

Several girls, stating that they are cute and available.
Okay, maybe a little.

The mood in general is very light and fluffy, with no small amount of silliness. One to relax with.


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