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Love is Like a Cocktail Anime Review
Love is Like a Cocktail

Or, Alcohol Dependency: The Anime.

Short one this. You only get about three and a half minutes of story, so it has to pack a lot into it. It really does.

A classic romantic tale about a hardworking manager, Mizusawa, who has a loving, romantic relationship with her husband Sora. She's so hardworking that Sora is a "kept man", waiting at home for her to return, while wearing a pinny, or occasionally wandering out to buy supplies for the string of alcoholic drinks he makes her.

See, when Mizusawa gets home after a long day of work, all she really wants to do is relax and drink. And the house-husband is always there to supply the sweet sweet release from stress that is 40% spirits. He does this in a method weirdly similar to Food Wars-style anime, in which the ingredients of each cocktail are spelled out to an audience, who perhaps might want to drink along with the protagonist. (Though given the episodes are only four minutes long, maybe wait till it's all out and "binge" watch it.)

The drink recipes are actually quite entertaining, and occasionally have some dramatic twists.

Love is Like a Cocktail-1
"Were you drinking at work again?"

In general, it's mostly sweet and adorable and there's lots of sappy romantic moments. But you really do suspect that she's got a serious problem and he's figured out a way of keeping her chained to him through the application of unusually coloured alcohol. Which he never seems to want any of. If she doesn't get herself to an AA meeting at the end of the series, I don't think she'll survive to a second.


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