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Tsuredure Children
Tsuredure Children

I think this is the funniest anime I've watched in a couple of years. Seriously, this is hilarious. It's a half length episode series (approx. twelve minutes), each episode of which is made up of a few little comedic vignettes, about school children who are very bad indeed at telling other school children about their romantic feelings.

It is really well put together, with some brilliant little "beat" panels or reaction images, which are typically either full of anger, sadness or lust.

Tsuredure Children-1
Incest. It's always fun.

There's a very fun range of characters in this. We've got the traditional psychotically incesty little sister, a chap determined that romance should only be the result of a successful experiment and a surprising amount of people who are either stalkers or just a little bit too fond of their crushes. Experimenting guy is probably my favourite.

Tsuredure Children-2
Not a creepy thing to say at all

There's also a really excellent pair who tend to feature as the last little scene in each episode who are the best example of miscommunication. The girl is amazingly obtuse and the boy can never get his nerve up. (That's not a euphemism. He's very shy.) It's adorable.

This series is amazing and you should be watching it.

Score 5

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