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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S03E14

All of the words said out loud for S03E14 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

F/X - Background London street noises.

The Librarian: Hello there! Over here! Come in, just pop in front of me.

Woman in Queue: Do you mind? This is a queue.

The Librarian: It's okay madam, I'm a Librarian.

Woman in Queue: Well I never.

The Librarian: There we go. Don't worry about that, I've had people popping in all day. No-one's properly complained yet. Lots of tutting, but nothing actually said.

I've been stood here for about 14 hours at this point, but I couldn't miss this. The RSS feed for the oldest fiction podcast finally being switched to a new host. What a momentous day. I know you can't actually see the server, since it's in a really fancy cabinet, but I'm really looking forward to seeing them perform a 301 redirect in real time. History in the making.

It's a real reminder of the times when the Library of Audio Fiction was just the Shelf of Audio Fiction, in the general podcast library. To imagine it's come so far, that we've now got thousands of dramas, books, stories, actual plays and a few other things, and so many of them outlived by this one great show.

I'm not surprised so many people have turned up to see it. Quite an impressive feat of organisation as well. I think the queue is about ten miles long at this point. Luckily I brought my extra long USB cable, so I've been able to recharge my mp3 player at regular intervals, but I do keep struggling to find somewhere to get a drink. Apparently no one thought to create any portable wine bars.

It's nice to see how it's brought people together though. I mean, through all this ten miles, I've not seen a single rough sleeper. It's great to see that we've solved homelessness. And I've been very impressed by how they've found a way of determining who is allowed to skip the queue. It's all the creators of the very best podcasts.

Obviously the family of the person organising the queue are tremendously talented. I've seen some of them go in twice! There was the creator of this show about a time traveler trapped in a stone tower, this show about a future where nothing grows, and this show about people in the drag scene playing dungeons and dragons.

Talking about skipping the queue, I think I see a shortcut down this alley. Shall we have a wander? It might be a bit quieter, which means I can play you a few trailers at the same time.

First, End of the Cornfield, a 9-episode murder mystery series centering around six former high school classmates who reunite for a hometown softball alumni tournament. When the six head to the cornfield on Miller Road — their favorite high school spot for a night of drinking and catching up — it doesn’t take long before someone winds up…dead. With no clear motive and no one stepping forward, the five remaining classmates are thrown into a clusterfuck investigation among themselves.

[CLIP - End of the Cornfield]

The Librarian:Then, Jupiter Saloon, a sci-fi comedy podcast that takes place at a dive bar in space. Get ready for a weird cosmic adventure.

[CLIP - Jupiter Saloon]

The Librarian:And this week's RPG, Space Poddity. The tone is light, the characters are compelling, and on a cold, clear night you can hear the parody and the meditation on what it means to control the gates to the stars in a dangerous and teeming creative multiverse.

[CLIP - Space Poddity: A D&D Spelljammer Actual Play Podcast]

The Librarian:And finally, The Honeytrap. 1950’s London. Felix Stone is an openly gay P.I. He is approached by a mysterious woman who pays him to shadow her husband. What at first seems to be a run of the mill adultery case, soon turns out to be much more serious. When the people involved in the case suddenly start dying around him, Felix finds himself embroiled in the world of cold war espionage and his own life is put in danger.

[CLIP - The Honeytrap]

The Librarian:Right, that's your lot for this week. And just in time for us to pop out here, back in the queue. Let's just try and get behind this woman.

Woman in Queue: Oh, you're back, are you? Well I'm afraid you both left the queue, so I'm not letting you back in. Get to the back you ruffians!

The Librarian: Ah. Oh well, at least I've still got more things to listen to. Shall we wander to the back? Oh you're going? Never mind then. If you're curious as to where I get up to, I'll update on the twitter, @AudioDramaDebut.

Anyway, cheerio!