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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S03E01

All of the words said out loud for S03E01 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

F/X - Frantic tapping on glass.

The Librarian (muffled): Hello there! Hello there!

F/X - Frantic tapping on glass.

The Librarian (muffled): In here! Can you just open the letter box?

F/X - Letterbox opening

The Librarian: Excellent, thanks. Let me just wedge that, and...


Right, welcome to the security door of Audio Fiction. Is this your first visit this year?

Yes, mine too. Made a bit of a mistake though - managed to forget my ID card at home. The security system said it would let me in, but as soon as I was in the airlock, it locked the inner door. And the outer door. It was beginning to get a bit stuffy in here.

Security System: Standard security protocols provide sufficient oxygen to maintain consciousness. Please close letterbox.

The Librarian: Please don't close the letterbox.

Anyway, I'm a bit trapped here at the moment. I'm trying to negotiate my freedom with these three shows I was bringing back to the Libary. I've got this show about security guards at the end of the world, this show about improvisers trying to escape from dangerous situations, and this show about loan sharks in prison.

I've told the security system that if it opens the door, it can have the shows back.

Security System: If you just give the shows back, I will open the door.

The Librarian: And we've been going around like that for a while.

I'm the Acquisitions Librarian. I should be exempt from this!

Even worse, is that because of the way the security system is wired into the atrium airlock, it can't decide if I'm inside the Library or outside. If it thinks I'm inside, with our dramas, books, stories, actual plays and a few other things, I'm obviously meant to be inside, and so can get out of the airlock. If I'm outside, it's not allowed to restrict my movements, and I can leave.

Security System: You are unable to access new shows, and are therefore outside the Library. You rely on the security system for oxygen, and are therefore inside the Library.

The Librarian: I'm both in and out? You cannot be serious.

Anyway, that's why I'm stuck here for the time being. So unfortunately I can't give you any of our new shows. But I do have my Walkman with me, so if I put the headphones out through the letterbox, you can listen to the four trailers I've got on it.

First, The Heart Pyre, a community-driven choose-your-own-adventure narrative podcast about mysterious fires, corruption and long forgotten Gods.

[CLIP - The Heart Pyre]

Music - Lonely Dusty Trail by Jon Presstone

Welcome to The Heart Pyre, a community-driven choose-your-own-adventure narrative podcast, where listeners can collectively decide on how the story should continue.

One afternoon, Rena comes home to find her village burned to the ground, everyone and everything she ever loved gone in an instant, and as it seems, the fire wasn't an accident. With a group of companions, who each hold their own grudges, she tries to uncover the truth about these fires that happen every few years that the ruling class seem to try to keep hidden. Who is behind these fires, how deep does the royal council's corruption run and why are there whispers about the old Gods again?

F/X - Transition

A new episode will release every two weeks, at the end of which different choices are presented to you for how the story could continue and you can vote on twitter, facebook, or on, all one word, for whichever path you prefer.

The Heart Pyre launches December 27th on apple podcast, spotify, stitcher and most other places where you can listen to podcasts.

Search for The Heart Pyre on social media to get news and notifications about new episodes, and go to to find transcripts of each episode, character art and further information about the podcast.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to creating this story with you.

The Librarian: Then, Mahalo With A Bullet. The FBI ran a sprawling surveillance operation into suspected contract killer Richard "Rico" Sanders and his employer Frank Litvak's extensive criminal operation. When Rico was dispatched to Hawaii to kill a fence who had stolen an invaluable piece of jewelry from Litvak, everything that could go wrong, did. These are the FBI surveillance tapes.

[CLIP - Mahalo With A Bullet]

The Librarian: And this week's RPG, Roll Models D&D. A group of old friends who come together to play dungeons & dragons, roll dice and make bad choices. Join them in the original world of Descordia & follow their characters adventures each week!

[CLIP - Roll Models D&D]

The Librarian: And finally, The Secret of St Kilda. In this supernatural thriller series, listeners will follow Lockie, a charismatic con man who escapes to St Kilda with the promise that this time he’ll change his ways. Unfortunately the island and it’s unusual inhabitants have other ideas. He seeks redemption and they seek a saviour, but you know what they say - no change without sacrifice.

[CLIP - The Secret of St Kilda]

The Librarian: And that's that. Obviously you can't get into the Library at the moment, so if you want anything, please visit our twitter, @AudioDramaDebut, or our new website,

Anyway, cheerio!