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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S02E02

All of the words I said out loud for S02E02 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

F/X - Fountain pen writing, and then being capped. Fire gently crackles in the background.

THE LIBRARIAN: Hello there. Do come in. Find a seat...erm, somewhere. You can't have the actual chair I don't think, it's still got my paperwork on it. Maybe perch on the floor?

Yes, sorry about the paperwork. Quite a long form. I've got to re-apply for access to the Library's drawing room. There was something of a kerfuffle there this week, and I've been temporarily banned. Now need to sweet-talk a few people into giving me access again.

That's also why the cake selection is rather meager this week, there's just a few crumbs on the plate behind you, if you're feeling peckish. I can usually sneak a few out for my personal stores, but not now.

What happened?

Well, personally, I don't see what I did wrong. I was just trying to correct a few inaccuracies in the minutes of the previous security meeting. The minutes suggested that Steve and Dave were going to be in charge of security from now on, and I thought it was going to be me. I'm sure the previous meeting decided it was me. I remember trying to count some hands.

I admit, I had partaken a bit too liberally of the Chardonnay. It's just...if you're going to provide drinks, you really should do some nibbles to help soak it up.

Anyway, things got somewhat heated, and before I could respectfully withdraw my opinion, someone else got involved and made the Director fall off her chair, and it rather devolved from there.

So, since I supposedly "instigated" the event, I'm not allowed back in the Drawing Room for now. I did try to blame it on my dad's sister, but unfortunately she's not worked here for years.

Anyway, being trapped in here means I've got no idea what's going on, so if you've come about one of our events, I don't think I can help you. Is it anything like that?

Trailers? Oh that is fortunate. I've got those. Doris, one of the smaller Post Witches - tends to be a bit keen - dropped some off earlier. I think there's four here.

First there's Foreward, an audio drama podcast that chronicles one family’s story after the tragedy of a school shooting. As a nation, not only have we become numb to violence in schools, we have failed to recognize that the actual event is merely the spark that creates a fire that burns in families indefinitely. With the joys and triumphs of everyday life, the event continues to weave its way through every aspect of a family for the rest of their lives.

[CLIP - Foreward Podcast]

THE LIBRARIAN: Then, Planet Radiant, an apocalyptic sci-fi radio drama inspired by text-based adventure games of the 80s and the 90s. It's a queer-themed story about solitude and discovery, told in the second person and set to an original darkwave soundtrack. You wake up in an abandoned museum with no memory. Humanity has vanished. What do you do?

[CLIP - Planet Radiant]

THE LIBRARIAN: And this week's RPG, by NCRP Productions, a Tabletop RPG actual play podcast coming to you from Behind the Redwood Curtain, intending to offer a variety of tabletop role playing games with various systems.

[CLIP - NCRP Productions]

THE LIBRARIAN: And finally, in The Arkoma Chapters, join Ron Barton, a researcher from a small town in the wasteland, as he explores the vast steampunk city of Arkoma. Staying at the Jagertee Inn, Barton interviews various residents of the city, in attempts to learn the origins and history of the new world around him.

[CLIP - The Arkoma Chapters]

THE LIBRARIAN: Right, that's your lot for this week. If you want to talk to me, you'll either have to come back here, or catch me on Twitter. It's @AudioDramaDebut.

Anyway, cheerio!