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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S01E17

All of the words I said out loud for S01E17 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

SFX: A cassette starting to play.

The Librarian: Hello there. Thank you for listening to this audio guide to the library of Audio Fiction. It's a new initiative we're trying, to add a bit of novelty as people wander our ancient halls. You can read along, as my dulcet tones recite the tiny labels on all of the exhibits of dramas, books, stores, actual plays and a few other things.

It's been carefully written and recorded in a naturalistic way to sound like you're having an everyday coversation.

Please, join me as I walk to this door, open it and walk through. Pick up a matcha tea from the sideboard, and enjoy it with me.

SFX: Slurping noises.

Ow, ow, damn, that's too hot. I'd best cool it down by blowing on it.

SFX: Blowing noises.

Ah, lovely. In fact, let's just pause the tour here while we drink our tea.

SFX: Slurping noises. (You get where this is going.)

SFX: Tape fast forwarding.

Having finished our tea, let's walk on, into the exposition gallery. This is where we keep all of the self-referential shows. Like this one, which I'm currently holding in my hand, about someone investigating a murder, who accidentally becomes a sheriff. Or this one, which I'm holding in my other hand, that follows a couple of cheeky Scots as they get into trouble with the paranormal. Or this one, which I've picked up after putting down the first one, about a filmmaker who tries to work out where Turning it over, it looks like it's got a very interesting cover.

Now, let's have a wander through the slice of life wing. Here's where we keep all of the most realistic shows, that have no fantastical elements, and are all perfectly accurate in their presentation. It's one of the smaller sections of the library, but you'll note it's perfectly cozy. Feel your feet sink into the thick carpet...

SFX: Heavy footsteps on a wooden floor.

...admire the great grandfather clock...

SFX: Digital clock beeping.

...and take a seat on one of our comfortable leather chairs.

SFX: Toilet flushing.

SFX: Tape fast forwarding.

And we finally find ourselves here in the trailer annex. It's where we keep all of the short clips of shows that give you a taster of what they might be like. I'll demonstrate the process with these four here. Let's see, what have we got?

First, Me and AU. When Kate “ACunningPlan” Cunningham sparks up an online friendship with a fellow fanfiction writer it seems like the perfect distraction from a summer stuck in her hometown of Kamloops, B.C., not to mention the coming terrors of her final year of university and the Real Adult Future beyond. (Seriously, please don’t mention them.) After all, Hella--Enchanted is funny, smart and writes canon-divergent werewolf fic like no one else. She’s everything a fandom could ask for. But... what if she’s everything Kate could ask for, too?

[CLIP - Me and AU]

Then next we've got AAU Murders. Virginia Collins’s perfect life is disrupted when she falls for a handsome coach who promises to take her son's basketball skills to the next level. But as Virginia falls deeper in love, her family disapproves and they get entangled in a complex web of love, denial, abduction and ultimately death.

[CLIP - AAU Murders]

Then there's Majoring in Me. In 2006, Tristan Steele arrives at Hamilton University. And if being a freshman at a school far from home wasn't enough, he's dealing with his newfound sexuality, his recent healthcare, and resurfaced old familial wounds.

[CLIP - Majoring in Me]

And finally a show about people isolating themselves from a pandemic, and all of the struggles of life and death at The Covid House.

[CLIP - The Covid House]

And that's that. That's the end of this audio guide, so don't forget to return it to the front desk, and please rewind it before you do so. But make sure you use one of the correct pencils to turn the spools . You're looking for the ones with our twitter account on them - @AudioDramDebut.

Anyway, cheerio!