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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S01E12

All of the words I said out loud for S01E12 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

F/X - Fountain pen writing, and then being capped.

THE LIBRARIAN: Hello there. Come in, come in. No need to sit down, we won't be staying in my office for long. Tell you what though, would you like something to take with you for during the demonstration? I've got a couple of ginger nuts you can have.

Now then, if you want to just follow me in here, I can show you these!

Welcome to the Listening Stations of Audio Fiction. One hundred individual booths, beautifully outfitted in teak and chrome, all acoustically perfect, and all perfectly isolated. We installed them all a month ago. You could listen to dramas, books, stories, actual plays and a few other things, and no one would have any idea.

Aren't they wonderful? I've told the Library Director that I'll give her a demonstration soon. I'll get here down, convince her to sit in that one on the end, I'll sit in the other, and then I can shout all I want at her and she'll hear absolutely nothing. That'll show her who's "mentally unstable".

How many people have used them? Well, we can get a hundred people in there simultaneously. No, I mean, we haven't yet, but we can! I'll check the records. I think it's been, maybe fifty people? Well, maybe a bit less. Must be at least twenty five, I'm sure. Possibly twenty? I suppose if we don't count me, or when I sat the dog in one, it could be as many as ten? Might be five. Less than five? Okay, okay, you're the first. But the capacity! So much capacity! A hundred people! Just hasn't been used yet.

Go on, sit in one. This one here is already cued up with a few shows. There's one about a cult who collects people via radio, or one about a signal transmitted from the stars, or one made from the records of a disaster in space.

No? Well I suppose what you want then is that booth on the end. That's the one we use for listening to trailers. I think it's currently got four new shows in it. Take a seat, and I'll pipe through a few synopses of the shows.

Let's see, this first one is called A Place Called Fairneck. A clever teenage journalist comically recounts the events that lead to a beloved community member tragically dying in a freak, plague-related accident the week before Passover. Think Sliding Doors in a modern orthodox North Jersey community.

[CLIP - A Place Called Fairneck]

Then, Light House. Tara Hollis was supposed to get a fresh new start at her ancestral home, Light House. But when Tara and her family moved into Light House on that warm, winter's day in 1963, they did not suspect the horror that awaited them; a horror that lurked in the shadows, biding its time to quench its hunger. There is a darkness that dwells in the heart of Light House…one that will tear Tara’s family apart. Do you believe in ghosts? Tara didn’t…until she moved into Light House.

[CLIP - Light House]

Then an RPG, To Have and To Roll. Been a couple of weeks since we've had one of these. Actual plays don't always produce trailers.The Cover of Night seek to protect the City of Korvosa from corruption and criminals, even as mysterious forces work to supplant them. To Have and To Roll is a Pathfinder 1e actual play Podcast running the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure as a one-on-one game with husband and wife podcasting duo Rane Zero and DaftProdigy.

[CLIP - To Have and To Roll]

And finally, The Scarifyers, the weekly adventures of top-secret government department MI-13: investigating the out-of-the-ordinary, the unexplained, and the downright weird.

[CLIP - The Scarifyers]

Right, that's your lot for this week. Don't worry about getting out of the booth, the door will automatically unlock once you've listened to this next tape. It's a new show by a...relatively unknown creator, about a book organiser who saves the world. I'm sure you'l love it. And then tell all your friends about it. Maybe twice? Don't forget to tell the Library's Witter account how much you liked it too. Just don't tell them about the externally locking door. I think you type an ampersand and then the words "Audio Drama Debut"? Something like that.

Anyway, cheerio!