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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S01E04

All of the words I said out loud for S01E04 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

SFX - Fountain pen writing, and then being capped.

Hello there. Grab a seat, and help yourself to a bakewell tart. Ha! I'm the same, never can resist taking the cherry off to eat last.

Anyway, welcome back to the Library of Audio Fiction. It's a collection of dramas, books, stories, actual plays and a few other things. It's a little boastful to say, but it's probably the greatest collection of audio fiction in the entire room.

Now, I assume you've come looking for something to listen to, so perhaps I can offer you this show about an archivist, who has to record somewhat unusual statements taken from the general public? Or this one. He's a professional skeptic, always debunking frauds. She's a journalist hoping for the big story. They fight demons. Or finally how about a guy investigating unusual VHS tapes, which have the strange side effect of making him chant in his sleep?

Never entirely sure why so many shows seem attached to tapes as their plot or framing device. It's a trope that's still used in the newest of shows, even though it's a little outdated, perhaps even silly.

Yes, I saw those ears prick up at the mention of new shows. Like so many of our visitors, you don't want a classic, do you? You're here chasing novelty. Well I suppose that's my curse as the Acquisitions Librarian. But not to worry, I've got a few trailers here that might interest you.

Another mix, this week, of existing shows and shows that aren't out yet.

The first up is This Planet Needs a Name, about far future colonists. What does this say, here.

Imagine a handful of scientists and engineers setting out to terraform a planet - a world - for the frozen people they've got in tow. Just a few people, carefully chosen, who will live out their lives building something they'll never see. That's us. We're building a future. Let's just get that playing.

SFX - Sound of a old-school tape player running, hypocritically.

[CLIP - This Planet Needs A Name]

The other show that's already out is With Caulk and Candles which describes itself as a supernatural dramedy about Garrett Lochlan, after he receives a fake spell book as a gag gift. He soon finds out that any spell he tries (whether it be from the fake book, silly websites, or even from tv shows) work for him even when they shouldn't. This catches the attention of the local coven and they start the process of seeing what strange powers are at play.

[CLIP - With Caulk and Candles]

And now let's listen to the first show from the future, out this week, a science fiction podcast called Escape. Let's see, the label reads, AMI-42, the command AI for New Dawn, a damaged secret research vessel, finds itself alone with an escaped experimental subject that has killed all the human crew and now wants to kill AMI.

[CLIP - Escape]

And finally, another show from the future, The Loathsome Lambton Worm which is a totally corrupt full-cast audio drama sequel to the cult horror classic, The Wicker Man, based on an original treatment by Anthony Shaffer.

[CLIP - The Loathsome Lambton Worm]

Right, that's your lot for this week. I'm sure there's more of these wonderful tapes out and about somewhere, so if you pop back in the future, I'm sure we can find a few more things for you to listen to. If you happen to find a spooky tape that you know we don't have, feel free to convince a little bird to tell us all about it. They get all a twitter when you stand in the street and yell @AudioDramaDebut for some reason.

Anyway, cheerio!