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Audio Drama Debut - Transcript - S01E01

All of the words I said out loud for S01E01 of Audio Drama Debut, my podcast showcasing new audio drama, fiction and RPG trailers.

SFX - Fountain pen writing, and then being capped.

Hello there. Come in, come in, sit down. Would you like a cup of tea? It's Earl Grey. There you are.

SFX - Tea being poured.

Now then, welcome to the library of audio fiction. I assume you've come to find something to listen to, hmm?

Well, we've got dramas, books, stories, actual plays and a few other things. I'm sure we can find something that will interest you.

Let's see, how about a Canadian superhero? No? Then what about a radio station broadcasting to a spooky town. There aren't very many of those. Not your taste? Alright then, how about a space station orbiting around a distant star? Heard it. Fair enough.

I suppose you have come to Acquisitions. Let's see if we can find you something new then. I've got a few snippets of some more recent shows, so I'm sure one of them will interest you.

Let's see, what's this first one? It looks like it's a historical, called Lady Lucy. The label says:

Lady Lucy is an audio drama inspired by Shakespeare's 'Dark Lady' Sonnets, 127-154. Between running her brothel, fighting the Church, murdering her friends' abusive husbands, and pretending to be a poet, the last thing Lucy needed back in 1586 was a surprise visit from her former flame...

Let's give that a listen.

[CLIP - Lady Lucy]

Now, how about something more improvised? I've got an actual play somewhere around here, called Halfwits & Failed Crits. Here we go. It describes itself as:

An actual play podcast from the creators of Halfwit History! Join them and their other halfwits as we bumble through Dungeons & Dragons, Stars Without Number, and more!

[CLIP - Halfwits & Failed Crits]

What else is in this box? Here's a rather interesting one. The Underwood Collection. It's a fan drama of The Magnus Archives. It says:

The Underwood Collection is a 5 season, 50 episode narrative detailing the supernatural happenings of and around The Usher Foundation, Washington, DC. Lurking behind the individual statements, though, are the private affairs of Head Curator Ulysses Bamba as well as the Curatorial and Archival staff, when the personal meets the horrific.

[CLIP - The Underwood Collection]

You can listen all of them now if you like, but we've also got a few things we collect before people release their first episode. This last one starts on the 23rd of February. Let's see here:

Folxlore tells the stories of queer people living literally and figuratively between two worlds. In one sense, we try to live normal lives while the world tells us we are not normal. In another sense, our normal lives are interrupted by a very not-normal rift opening up between our world and another plane of existence filled with nightmarish horrors. This pilot series deals with themes of first romance, hate crime related trauma, and queer parenthood Folxlore is rooted in everyday Glasgow, where monsters are always on the edge of your periphery. A collaboration between In The Works and Tin Can Audio.

[CLIP - Folxlore]

And that's that. Hope you've found something in that lot to listen to, and if not, come back next time, and I'm sure we'll have some more. And if you do happen to run into anybody who wants to send something into the library, tell them to talk to our twitter feed. It's @AudioDramaDebut. Cheerio!