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This is my archive of book review blog posts. Naturally, this will bias fairly heavy towards my favourite genres, ie science fiction and fantasy. Likely only to feature the best of what I read, as I won't review a book if I don't finish it. Will include both print books and audiobooks.

Hullmetal Girls - Emily Skrutskie
2019 January 06
January's Book Releases
2018 December 31
The War Beneath - Timothy S. Johnston
2018 December 13
The Luckless - A. M. Sohma
2018 December 01
December's book releases
2018 November 30
Adrift - Rob Boffard
2018 November 16
Fury from the Tomb - S. A. Sidor
2018 November 09
November's book releases
2018 October 31
A People's History of the Vampire Uprising - Raymond A. Villareal
2018 October 22
Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension - Nagaharu Hibihana
2018 October 14