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Listening Log - 12 February 2022

Here's (some of) what I've listened to since the last one of these.

Celeritas - S01E01-E02

Bit of a Farscape opening crossed with Interstellar this one, following a chap on an experimental engine test who gets flung across the galaxy and might have some significant time dilation problems to deal with. Not a lot out yet, but the bits that are are very well put together. Looking forward to Eps 3 + 4 which should be out relatively soon.

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Valley Heat - S02E01

Hooray! Very pleased about this one - a sitcom-ish "podcast within a podcast", following Doug's life and the troubles he has around his neighbourhood, involving parrots, pool-invaders, generally awkward neighbours and inevitably problems with the police. Great fun, and impressive production values.

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Larkspur Underground - S01E01-E03

Rather grim horror, in a fake journalism format. A look back at a mass murder site in Larkspur, and the one survivor who was found there, through her extensive journals detailing the horrible things she was put through and coerced into doing. Very gory.

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Nicholas Craig, I, An Actor, A Podcast - S01E03

Once again, the luvvy name drops, gets annoyed with unwanted interruptions (no one has ever heard of an editor), and pontificates on the nature of acting. Gentle and relaxed, as a chuckler, rather than a guffawer.

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Musical interlude - Tom Cardy

Discovered this chap a while back when the "Big Breakfast" song went viral, but I think I'm most fond of his "Human Centiped". Excellent novelty songwriter/performer.


Rusty Quill Gaming - Final Q+A E01

Oh god finally answers. I don't generally listen to meta casts, but given this is my last chance to understand a few things that I had no idea about, thought best listen to these. Nice to get a few answers, and will tide me over until RQ get round to starting their new podcasts.

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Small Victories S01E01

Comedy about a (more than) slightly chaotic recovering drug user, Marisol, who is trying to get her life back on track, and immediately has things go wrong in response to peer pressure. Peer pressure, always the bad guy.

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I Couldn't Help But Wonder... S01E01

I think this is a Sex and the City fanfic? There are so many relationships in this, I got vaguely confused. Not necessarily my thing, though does have a nice tone.

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Orville Mulligan - S01E01

A historical comedy following a sports writer in the 20s history. Has great fun with the usual period framing, such as the requisite gravelly voices and speakeasies. Enjoyable.

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The Secret of St Kilda - S01E04-E05

Matthias being a dad, and finally a more direct view of Lockie's background. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's not really as bad as everyone seems to have thought/pretended he was, but still ends up in a spot of bother. We'll see how he gets out of it.

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Death Inc - S01E01-E03

Very short episodes, following people in the afterlife. Though the 2nd ep was actually the afterlife staff recording training materials, which is very fun. Enjoy these sorts of mundane weirdness.

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Tales from the Glass-Guarded World - Up to S01E12

Another actual play I've stuck with for quite a while. (Sorry Demipia, I'll get back to you.) Lots of it, as I'm very far behind. Quite an interesting premise, as it's set within what appears to be an artificial world, possibly built as an experiment? Going to enjoy discovering the secrets behind it.

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