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Press - Audio Drama Day and RQ Network

A quick couple of press releases, because if I'm going to promote new shows, I might as well mention a few things related to them as well.

Audio Drama Day: This is a fiction dedicated day at the London Podcast Festival, which will feature both a whole stack of panels, as well as a number of live shows, I think in a handily alternated timetable, so you can see all of them if you wish.

It's on Sunday the 5th September (2021).

Panels will include (in the Battlebridge Room):
10am-11am: Where Improv Meets Actual Play
12pm-1pm: Making Audio Comedy (+)
2pm-3pm: Making Audio Horror (+)
4pm-5pm: Screen & Stage & Audio
6pm-7pm: Telling Your Story (+)

and live shows will include (in the St. Pancras Room):
11am-12pm: Debut Hour
1pm-2pm: Radio Elusia (T)
3pm-4pm: Mockery Manor (T)
5pm-6pm: The Silt Verses (T)
7pm-8pm: Wooden Overcoats (T)
9.30pm: Chat with Dirk Maggs (I'll have to leave before this - worse luck!)

The Debut Hour is a collection of short bits of more recent shows, specifically:
We Know None
Chain of Being
Glasgow Ghost Stories
Gather the Suspects
(I suspect this hour is going to be quite Welsh.)

The live shows are ticketed, but the panels are just turn up (with numbers limited for Covid reasons). There will also likely be the usual collections of stands with people/merch as well as excellent opportunities to network. These are always fun events to put faces to names you might have had jammed into your ear religiously (yes, sorry, that is a Silt Verses pun).

I'm going to this, so feel free to say hi - I'll be the one looking like a geek, and maybe wearing a Lego Space t-shirt for easy recognition.

Quite a lot of people you will have heard of, with a big list of names in the full Audio Drama Day press release.

Rusty Quill Network: The second bit of news is rather more "inside baseball", in that the Rusty Quill Network (you know, those people who do The Magnus Archives and Rusty Quill Gaming, you've probably heard of them) are getting together with even more podcasts to do marketing and monetisation together. Basically they'll all appear on each other's feeds, and you'll probably find out about a lot more cross-pollination than you would otherwise. I suspect it's a way a lot of people will consider going, as they need to compete with things like QCode, iHeartRadio, Spotify (shudders), etc, though it will be interesting to see how this blurs the line between indie and corporate further.

Anyway, shows joining up are:
I Am In Eskew
The Silt Verses
The Milkman of St. Gaffs
The Town Whispers
We’re Alive (yes, the massive zombie one)

Full Rusty Quill Network press release.