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Let's tell you a tale. It starts with a man looking for something to listen to.

He's got something of a podcast problem. We'll get into that.

We probably won't get into that.

Instead let's get into Midst, the podcast he's just started listening to.

It's about a world. The world is divided, into fold and un, with the only thing holding back the fold being certain light sources.

Within the fold, the world... goes wrong. Those who find themselves in it without a light to shelter themselves... go wrong.

Mouths turning upside down, skin changing colour, occasional floating. Sometimes it's just a little strange, other times it's horribly lethal.

The people who live on Midst have learned to deal, it's no big, they know what they're doing.

But what they haven't learned to deal with is the Trust. Now these guys, they've got a big calculator. And it takes account of every deed you've done, good and bad, and if you've got a positive score, it gives you Valor. Valor is like money, but special Trust money. And if your score is negative, the trust will find a way for you to pay that off. There's an exchange rate, it varies. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not.

Remember indulgences? The old method of buying your way into heaven? Think like that, but with bailiffs. Or the US prosperity church nonsense.

Anyway, in this world are a few people. Lark lives just outside of Stationary Hill (the largest town on Midst), cheerfully hunting the terrible monsters that come out of the Fold. Weepe runs the local cabaret club and has a few ideas about Valor, especially how much he would like some. And Thatch is a young soldier of the Trust, hoping to clear all his debt - "reach zero".

But we're not going to hear from them directly. Instead, we're going to be told their tale by three narrators, each with their own style, but all jovial, a little chatty, keeping the story running at a good clip. This is a show with (very) good worldbuilding, but the way it's presented is the real draw.

Oh, and the fact that the moon is going to fall out of the sky.

We suggest you give this one a listen.

Score 4

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