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July 2020 Audio Drama, Fiction and RPG Podcast Debut Releases

Every month, there are a large number of new audio drama and fiction podcasts released. These monthly lists collate everything I can find that has released an Ep1 in its RSS feed (or youtube page, depending) for the relevant month. Feel free to shout in the comments if you've got more information or corrections and I'll update with anything I'm missing.

And tell me which ones I should be listening to. What have you enjoyed this month?

(This post has been simplified, due to page load time. There's also a page with all the first episodes embedded in it, but beware, it might take ages to load.)

Want to submit your podcast to one of these release lists? Use the dedicated contact page.

7/1: Citadel Goes Viral (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Hi! This is Citadel Arts Group, a Leith based theatre company dedicated to giving a voice to older people. When the Covid virus hit the country, all our projects had to go on hold. That was when we turned to Zoom and we gave our playwrights group the challenge of creating short audio scripts for Citadel to record using the new technology - well, new to us anyway!

7/1: Piano Teeth (Fiction - Anthology)
A podcast from Piano Teeth. The voice inside your head. Expect darkly-comic, surreal and strange adventures all from the comfort of your own mind.
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7/1: Shadow of Arcanum (RPG - Urban fantasy)
It has been 20 years since Vecna was defeated and Exandria has only gotten darker and crueller. Five companions set out on an adventure that will change their lives forever and will make them question everything they thought they knew. Shadow of Arcanum is a full POC lgbtq+ Actual play Drama.
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7/1: The Eternity Archives (RPG - Anthology)
A biweekly actual play TTRPG podcast. Join us as we venture A between realms to protect the fabric of reality by exploring everything the tabletop world has to offer!
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7/1: The Mistress Files (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
There's no such thing as true evil in this world. Evil is only defined by which side of the line one stands. Follow the tales of The Mistress, one of the most feared criminal masterminds the world has ever known, and ask yourself: Which side are you on?
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7/2: The One Stars (Dramatised - Comedy)
The One Stars is a Comedy Fiction Podcast. Join our host Negative Nancy and her only friend Chatbot as they fly through space aboard the decrepit Space Windu. The One Stars features 'One Star Reviews from All Across the Multiverse. All reviews in The One Stars are fictional except when otherwise noted.
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7/3: Cape Lock (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
KINH's investigative reporter Christina Glass looks into a town that only exists in peoples minds.
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7/3: Hellfire Fables (Fiction - Horror)
A weekly fictional adventure into the weird, tragic, and obscene.
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7/3: Hope and Red (Fiction - Fantasy)
Hope and Red is an action-packed audio epic fantasy about an empire on the brink of war, a warrior on the path of revenge, a necromancer on the hunt for power, and a thief who’s really just trying to stay alive.
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7/3: Please Tell Me What To Do (Fiction - Interactive)
Speed-written audio drama. I release Friday, you vote what to do next over the weekend, we do it all over again. It's like goosebumps if the kids grew up but the author did not.

7/3: Ritual (Dramatised - Anthology)
Three short plays from Dirty Protest Theatre in partnership with National Theatre Wales and Sherman Theatre in association with BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Arts.
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7/3: Scared By Scott (Fiction - Horror)
Do you like listening to scary or spooky stories? Then sit back and listen to short horror stories presented to you with minimal music and sound effects for that campfire story feel. Try not to get scared…
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7/3: The Pulp Cast (Dramatised - Anthology)
The Pulp Cast is a fictional audio drama presentation in nostalgic anthology style. 21st Century stories with old school panache. Depressed detectives, dangerous dames, far-out journeys to outer space, and deep into the human mind. Enjoy original teleplays and new adaptations of forgotten gems from the under-appreciated underbelly of the Golden Age, reshaped and brought to life by the Pulp Cast's creators who are joined by an endearing and enthusiastic cast of guest voice actors. Grab your flashlight and pull the sheets up high, as we leap full speed ahead into the past!
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7/3: Three's Company ADVENTURE DEPARTMENT (Dramatised - Comedy)
Three's Company have a very serious podcast taking a look at a life in the theatre, and the fact it gets constantly derailed by adventures that change genre every time is something they politely ask you to ignore.
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7/4: Apocalypse Songs (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Red Scare Theatre Company presents a five part audio drama experience. A supernatural thriller about music journalist Amy Louise Chen (Cassandra Tse) whose investigation into an obscure 1960s musician leads her down an unexpected path.
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7/4: Daring Adventures (RPG - Fantasy)
Follow along with this intrepid crew as they set out on Daring Adventures.
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7/4: Figuring Out Will: A Radio Play (Dramatised - Slice of life)
In a world full of emotional pitfalls, one geeky teen will join forces with his two best friends to face his insecurities and escape the friend zone by realizing it never even existed in the first place. Comedy. Drama. Doritos. Get ready to figure out Will. “Figuring Out Will” is a coming-of-age story set in a video store written by Alec Kerr that made its debut at the NYSummerfest Theater Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan August 2018.

7/4: Green Door Theatre Company (Dramatised - Comedy)
Just imagine: it's Halloween night, winds are whistling through the crooked trees, darkness falls - and you begin to listen to the spookiest radio play ever recorded by Green Door Theatre!

7/4: Surely You Quest (RPG - Fantasy)
Avast and Ahoy! Prepare yourselves for high seas adventures and shenanigans as 3 heroes find out what awaits them in the mysterious oceanic world of the Chroma Archipelago. Jenny (Played by Hayley Rose), Lenny (Played by Mike Patten), and Pidge (Played by Blue Lennox), embark into the world of DM, Ryan Mitchum's, creation. What awaits will be incredible, daring, or at the very least hilarious.
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7/4: Tales of the Resistance (Dramatised - Anthology)
The San Francisco Mime Troupe present four two-part original political comedy audio plays, broadcast bi-weekly, each written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and newcomers, and each in a different style. Each episode will be about 25 minutes long, and presented as podcasts and as radio shows on stations across the country.

7/4: This American Wasteland (Dramatised - Post-apocalypse)
This American Wasteland is an audio drama that follows an aftermath. Archived accounts narrate this story of a post-apocalyptic America.
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7/4: Welcome to the Revolution…Go Pats (Dramatised - Comedy)
A comedy audio-play about the American Revolution.
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7/5: Lost and Broken Things (Fiction - Horror)
Lost and Broken Things is a podcast featuring tales of original short fiction, generally exploring topics of a dark and disturbing nature.
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7/6: Dungeon Dive Bar (RPG - Fantasy)
Join seven friends as they delve deep into the ancient and mysterious Emerald Spire!
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7/6: Murder In Your Ear - The Murder Mystery Podcast (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Original murder mysteries told in a radio play style.
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7/6: Once Upon A Time In Trieste (Dramatised - Historical)
A 19th Century princess and a 20th Century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle, both struggling to come to terms with momentous events they have helped to shape. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other – and their own inner demons. By morning, only one of them is left.

7/6: Room Infinity (Dramatised - Thriller)
Mark Infinity, a survivor of an accident that had just occurred a year ago. Although Mark was released from the hospital in a fair good state, he had one major problem! His memory of that event that put him there where mysteriously gone. With only sparks coming back through a multitude of headaches, unknown people who somehow know who he is and especially the people in the black suits who are called “The Marked Ones”.
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7/6: The Drunken Geek (RPG - Fantasy)
The Drunken Geek is your chance to listen in on some nerds playing roleplaying games, starting with Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Fortunately, as they're all pub quiz hosts, they're pretty funny nerds.
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7/7: Beyond the Dark (Fiction - Science fiction)
Atmospheric sci-fi stories. Each episode is a new world to explore. You might find yourself in the heart of a cyberpunk metropolis, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or a strange alien world. Every story has its own professional cast, an original score and accompanying sound effects for a truly immersive experience.
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7/7: Craiglockhart (Dramatised - Historical)
WW1 - 1917. When DAVID ALLISTER, a facially disfigured war hero, writes a biting condemnation of the war, he is placed in the care of DR ETHAN DRURY at Craiglockhart mental hospital until he agrees to publish a retraction. While there, he meets ARTHUR BRIDGELAND, a shell-shocked soldier obsessed with returning to battle after having been labeled a coward. David delights in tormenting Arthur until he meets and falls in love with Arthur’s suffragette sister, LUCY. Steam Punk meets James Whale by way of MASTERPIECE THEATRE.
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7/7: Eternal Future Productions (Dramatised - Historical)
Welcome to Eternal Future Productions! We strive to create good-quality audio productions that will reach listeners of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a brand that is wholesome and uplifting, we hope to creatively inspire, encourage and challenge in ways that not only exceed general entertainment, but reminds us of our purpose.
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7/7: Ship of Fools (RPG - Fantasy)
Join 4 friends on a D&D adventure through the magical seas of the Lunluma Ocean, seeking fame, fortune, and French fries. Hijinks? Guaranteed. Good decisions? Not so much.
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7/7: The Weirdness (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Welcome to The Weirdness... Middle-schoolers Arlo and Sierra host a podcast dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena like the Loch Ness Monster, the yeti and the chupacabra. But they’ve never actually witnessed any of it - until they track down an unusual caller who turns out to be none other than Bigfoot himself. Turns out, the Weirdness is real, and it’s everywhere! Arlo, Sierra, and Bigfoot (aka Beef) set off on a mind-blowing adventure across the globe to find out why the creatures of legends are disappearing.
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7/7: Voice Notes from a Break Up (Dramatised - Slice of life)
When Richard’s boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with him, Richard is given one week to move out and is left to explore the belongings of a person he devoted two years of his life to. A simple discovery leads to a spiral of memories and unexplained truths that Richard records in the voice notes on his phone, as he tries to unravel who his ex really is and make sense of a man he thought he knew.
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7/8: Would You Rather… (Dramatised - Interactive)
Would you rather... the conversation starter where the participants can never really win. Decisions made when nothing is at stake - our answers are perhaps crowd pleasing rather than truthful. But what if these hypotheticals actually happened? What if your or your loved one's lives depended on it? The Would You Rather... podcast is based on making choices and the repercussions which follow.
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7/9: Anything 4U (Dramatised - Comedy)
Hey up! We're Jed and Bobby and we'll do anything for you. Anything you know you have to do, but just don't want to, we'll do it for you. We're doing a podcast about some of the jobs we do so you can hear for yourself just how brilliant we are. Have a listen and remember "Don't sit and moan, give us a phone".

7/10: Arsen (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Arsen Audio Drama follows a young woman named Aurelie who, after the death of her parents embarks on a quest to learn the truth her family and her identity in the magical world of LaFresia.
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7/10: Eastmouth (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Pirate radio for a coastal town that is bathed in mystery. Shh, don't talk to the town council.
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7/10: Harpy Productions (Dramatised - Horror)
Based on a short horror story by Edwin Crowe (first published as a creepypasta) "My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts" tells the story of Sean, a blind boy living alone with his father near the edges of reality- where the dead slip back to the world of the living. This strange coming of age story deals with themes of abuse, disability, and he power of friendship to those above them both.

7/10: Like Panties for Dishrags (Dramatised - Comedy)
Created entirely in lockdown, Like Panties for Dishrags is an audio comedy for adults written by BBC Talent award-winner Jon Blake, also shortlisted for a Writers Guild Award, the Children’s Book Award and the Laugh Out Loud awards. Be transported for 73 minutes to the notorious Tresedd estate where hapless tutor Dominic Kingdom Duff (played by Everyman Theatre’s Peter Harding-Roberts) wades hopelessly out of his depth to bring creative writing to the locals...with surprising results.
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7/10: The Visit (Dramatised - Slice of life)
This programme has been made entirely in Lockdown, over zoom, and in total isolation. We hope you enjoy it! Ashley and Annie met at uni. Now it’s reading week, and Ashley has travelled to Annie’s family home; a world of Waitrose, Boris the Yorkshire Terrier, and 4 cars on the driveway. But, the O’Niell family are just like any other and love a night sitting around the telly with a cup of tea, or a glass of Chablis for Mum, Julia. In this seven episode series we follow the O’Neil family through a week of madness, cultural shocks, and maybe get a little too absorbed by the telly...
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7/10: We Never Left (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
A gothic audio drama about a college graduate who returns to her small town and confronts the mysterious curse that resides in it.
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7/12: Seen and Not Heard (Dramatised - Slice of life)
What happens when you lose something you thought you'd always have? What happens when the thing you lose is one of your senses? Bet Kline is deaf. That wasn't the case a year ago. Now that her life has been upended, she has to figure out how to carve out a new path for herself and navigate her way down it. Easier said than done.
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7/12: To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Dramatised - Science fiction)
An original sci-fi audio drama. It was supposed to be a way to get away from problems on earth and earn some real cash, but on their return from a distant asteroid, the mining crew awakes to alarms and difficult decisions.
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7/13: Dirty Diana (Dramatised - Erotica)
As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies.
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7/13: Gates (Fiction - Science fiction)
A secret war is being fought in the shadows after three people were infected by a four hundred an eighty million year old race of super beings and one of the original inhabitants of Earth.The infection has spread further and now in our time it will hit the fan. Dillon and Paul, along with Evil Bill can change into anything and slip inside the very shadows cast on the ground their enemies stand on, but only when Evil Bill wills it because they are now his puppets to command.This action packed Sci-Fi follows Evil Bill, his son Paul and Dillon Briggs as they fight Sensei Shisuki and look to uncoverthe mystery of their changes!
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7/13: Lost Terminal (Dramatised - Science fiction)
A sci-fi podcast searching for a response to "Hello world".
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7/13: Para.docx (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD’s filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave.
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7/13: Wire Canaries (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Wire Canaries are live, it's 11am on the 8th September 2070... A monthly amateur podcast in which two underground radio presenters, one frantic researcher, and one ex-cop struggle to uncover what's been hidden behind the dead-end investigations of eight missing people in the isolated city of Malingate.
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7/14: Dirty Twenty (RPG - Fantasy)
A Dungeons and Dragons actual playthrough. Join our adventurers as they travel to various worlds through multiple campaigns. DM Tony (Sladexeno) is joined by several players from his Discord in order to play in different campaigns.
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7/14: Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom (RPG - Fanfiction)
A new ship. A new crew. A new era!Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom is a Star Trek Adventures actual play set in the 25th century, decades after Star Trek: Picard. Join us as we build transwarp conduits into uncharted space.
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7/14: The Great Chameleon War (Fiction - Science fiction)
Welcome to the Nesting Zone: a surreal rim of jungle around Mt. Tahoma prowled by transdimensional reptiles. The Amanuensis catalogues his expedition up the volcano slope and records stories of explorers caught in the evolving dreamscape. Paleo-mythic lizard pyromancy. Blood whisper secrets. Carnivorous astronauts. Cursed poem hallucinations. Staying sane is not an option.
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7/14: WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, & Glory (Dramatised - Sport)
The official podcast for WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, and Glory! Every week we will break down all the action on Monday Night Substance, livestream Pay-per-views, conduct interviews with your favorite wrestlers, and dish out all the 100% unfiltered and uncensored dirt in the world of your favorite fictional wrestling world. Hardcore wrestling fiction for hardcore wrestling fans!
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7/15: ConSensual (Dramatised - Romance)
Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind.
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7/15: Fast Times at D&D High (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Fast Times at D&D High is a new Actual Play podcast set in a magical homebrew world from the mind of Dungeon Master Persephone!
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7/16: Dying Breeds (Dramatised - Comedy)
Dying Breeds is a mockumentary series about clinging onto the old ways. Your host and roving reporter, Gervaise Sareen, searches out the people and professions of yesteryear to see if their days are numbered, or whether there's life in the old dogs yet.
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7/16: The Long Short Road (Dramatised - Slice of life)
A quick tale of one woman's interactions with charity.

7/16: The Vertical Path (Dramatised - Science fiction)
When Earth catches a glimpse of a war raging on a distant world, human civilization begins to develop a conflict of its own.

7/17: CALLISTO (Dramatised - Horror)
"I know that there is something down there beneath the surface of this moon. It’s been there billions of years, entirely alone, waiting, until we arrived - and it knows that we are here." When five astronauts are sent to one of Jupiter's moons to research its sustainability for a potential colony, they discover a mysterious signal coming from below the surface, a signal which raises the suspicion that they may not be as alone as they thought.
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7/17: The Jeane Dixon Effect (Dramatised - Historical)
Jeane Dixon, America’s first “celebrity psychic,” comes to life in Joseph Rodota’s play, THE JEANE DIXON EFFECT. The former Southern California housewife predicted everything from presidential assassinations to Hollywood marriages, captivating television talk show hosts and dominating supermarket tabloids. Was she a genuine psychic? Or simply delusional? And did her cat really have ESP? Starring Valerie Leonard as Jeane Dixon.
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7/17: This Mortal Coil (Dramatised - Comedy)
When a Hamlet-inspired murder ruins her dress rehearsal, Elissa’s delighted. The detective’s an old actor pal and she’d forgotten her lines anyway. Lured in by the promise of Jammie Dodgers, Elissa pursues a dastardly killer with a penchant for Shakespeare. A comedy audio murder mystery by award-winning writer James Beagon.
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7/17: Voices from the Unknown (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Write. Record. Listen. A self-publishing audio platform for new writing. Writing submissions can be sent to: The first show is Lockdown Quiz, perhaps unsurprisingly about a quiz during lockdown.

7/18: Frank & Miggy (Dramatised - Comedy)
Listen in on the many adventures of Frank and his cat Miguel! Miggy's no ordinary cat, and it won't be long before he flips his new owner's life upside down!
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7/18: Red Dirt DnD (RPG - Western)
Red Dirt DnD mashes together fantasy with the Wild West. The actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast takes place in the fictional country of Rutoya as four adventurers map the Ka’alban Frontier for the Dwarven train barons. Elves and Orcs collide with saloons and sheriffs in this show featuring local Oklahoma actors and D&D veterans.
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7/18: White Heron Theatre (Dramatised - Anthology)
In the theatre we have a tradition. Whenever the stage goes dark between performances, we always like to leave a single light burning in the house until the curtain can rise again. We call it - a “ghost light.” And until we can all meet once more at White Heron, we’re pleased to offer you something we like to call our Ghost Light Series. Original Radio Drama created especially for you, our Nantucket audience. Nantucket's White Heron Theatre Company presents White Heron Radio Theatre. Our first series, The Ghost Light Series, is adapted by Mark Shanahan from Blue Baillett's book Nantucket Ghosts, 44 True Accounts. Performed by White Heron's award-winning actors. Original music, sound design and audio production by John Gromada. Produced by White Heron Theatre Company.
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7/19: Echo Chamber Audio Plays (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Passionate about new-writing, we develop scripts through virtual table reads, and we make audio plays. We are interested in telling stories we dont often hear, by people we want to hear more from. All are welcome here. We want to evolve into a community of people that make and take the form forward - a true audio collective.
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7/19: Parallel Lies (Dramatised - Science fiction)
In which a space pirate and an AI have a really long conversation... In the distant future (and in space), Deryn wakes up in a doorless room, with only a disembodied AI voice to keep her company. Bored (and slowly losing her mind), Deryn tells Tobias her story. But not everything is as it seems.
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7/19: Rise of the Shattered Sun (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Rise of the Shattered Sun is an Audio Drama set 800 years in the future. After a global conflict, an unlikely source wrested peace from the jaws of chaos. The Sol system has changed, and humanity is not just for humans.
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7/20: Low Tide (Dramatised - Comedy)
In our world, Low Tide is a scripted comedy podcast. But in fictional Conch County, Low Tide is a popular news and culture radio program that airs on Conch Public Radio. If you're a fan of NPR, Parks and Recreation, or Welcome To Night Vale, tune in to Low Tide. We have tote bags.
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7/20: Speedy Deliveries (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Speedy Deliveries is a fiction podcast that follows The Interdimensional Milk-Man (or TIMM) on his adventures through multiple dimensions. Follow him as he causes chaos and delivers some milk.
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7/20: Sword & Quill (RPG - Fantasy)
Join the Adventures of Havok, Scurglo, Dubrunk, Hinnerk and Bulgur on their epic D&D Adventure! Sword & Quill is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast, taking place in the fiction world Ryva, created by Zein Okko.
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7/20: The Case Files of Donovan Thane (Dramatised - Horror)
Vampire Detective Donovan Thane takes on any case. Even those of the macabre and other worldly.
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7/20: The Landscape of a Heart (Fiction - Thriller)
Returning home from war, recovering from what should have been fatal injuries, Matt Blair has spent months in isolation in his childhood bedroom. He has been welcomed and celebrated as a war hero by his family. As summer wanes, Matt decides it's time for him to put it all behind him and move on. In a seemingly manic episode and to his family's surprise, he embarks on a vacation alone. But the world would soon crumble around him making the tragedy he was trying to move on from, just the beginning. A rescue operation through the desolate wasteland that was once the midwest of the United States and the fateful connection to the destruction is too much to be only a coincidence. Matt begins his true journey. A journey that will exceed the boundaries of his own life and sanity, his pain and the human collective unconscious ensues. The true Landscape of a Human Heart is revealed.
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7/21: Brave New Frontiersman (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Join The Frontiersman in his adventure across the American frontier, a place filled with terrifying monsters, strange magic and opportunists.

7/21: Through the Attic Door (Dramatised - Comedy)
Step through the attic door, and into the wacky and whimsical world of Hotel Elsewhere! Join The Scientist, The Gremlin, Brian The Robot and the colourful residents of the Hotel in this narrative broadcast about secret mice revolutions, unexpected friendships, and all the radio hijacking you can handle!
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7/21: Tony Ho (Dramatised - Comedy)
Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy. Bite-sized narrative sketches explore the nature of human relationships and how careless we can be with each other. Featuring Miguel Rivas, Roger Bainbridge and Adam Niebergall.
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7/21: Will Beau Dilly (Dramatised - Historical)
Released in four parts, like a podcast serial, McGhan's charming characters and intricately woven plot address class, culture, and love with a humorous touch. You won't regret journeying with the play's unlikely hero as he simply tries to do the right thing in the disparate economic climate of the 1890's ​Midwest.
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7/22: Right Ho, Jeeves! (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Get ready to be reintroduced to Bertie Wooster and his incomparable valet Jeeves in this podcast adaptation of Wodehouse’s classic comic novel. As chaos descends on his aunt’s house, will Bertie be able to return it to order? Only with the help of Jeeves! Meet Bertie Wooster. He's rich, he's idle, he's hip to all the comforts of 1920s living and quite happy to keep it that way. His valet, Jeeves, is a genius, dedicated to his master's happiness and self-improvement. The pair of them are enjoying a comfortable weekend at Bertie's aunt's house, looking forward to nothing but joy and good living. And a broken engagement. And an accidental engagement. And a drunken newt-breeder. And an enraged virtuoso chef. And a pathologically furious schoolmate. And the potential collapse of every happy part of Bertie's London life. But, apart from that, nothing can go wrong. Adapted from the side-splitting PG Wodehouse classic this new take on Jeeves and Wooster is written by Delmar Terblanche and produced by Ameena Hamid Productions Ltd.
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7/23: Moving On (Dramatised - Comedy)
Molly has always had trouble facing the harsh realities of life, so when her partner of seven years, Jake, suddenly walks out on her, Molly’s subconscious gives her a unique coping tool in the guise of a larger than life imaginary version of Jake who won't leave her alone. With the help of her best friends Delilah and Zack - both with problems of their own - Molly has to face the hard fact that she has been dumped and find a way to to regain her sense of self if she has any hope of getting rid of her imaginary boyfriend...
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7/24: Christmastide, Ohio (RPG - Crime/Mystery)
Welcome to Christmastide, Ohio! A new Kids on Bikes actual play podcast featuring Kristin Devine, AJ Ganaros, Samantha Turley, Kate Harlow, and Diana Loraine.
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7/25: Shrimps and Crits (RPG - Urban fantasy)
In the balmy swamps of the Florida panhandle, monsters and mystery lurk behind every moss-draped tree and stone. Shrimp & Crits is an actual play podcast utilizing the "Powered by the Apocalypse" gaming system. Our story takes place in the small coastal town of Gullacochica. Here, tourists and locals enjoy clean sprawling beaches, fresh-caught fare, and a wide variety of small family owned businesses. Following the stories of local businessman Raymon “Ray Ray” Lareaux, greenhorn Deputy Sara Payne, and the mysterious Agent Ari Green, Shrimp & Crits will take you deeper and deeper into the twisted southern nightmare that only our Keeper can predict.
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7/26: Shadow of the Night (Dramatised - Horror)
A thrilling story about a bunch of kids from a boarding school and their paranormal exploits.
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7/27: Aboard the Opal Star (RPG - Science fiction)
Aboard the Opal Star is an Esper Genesis 5e actual play podcast, following the journey of three friends as they learn just how strange the universe really is.
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7/28: Cinematic Sound Saturdays (Dramatised - Anthology)
This series is a collection of audio dramas written, performed, produced, and recorded by students at Columbia College Chicago.
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7/28: Malevolent (Dramatised - Horror)
Malevolent follows Arkham Investigator Arthur Lester as he unravels the mysterious circumstances that have befallen him. Malevolent heavily features the horrors of Lovecraft as well as the mechanics of Chaosium’s famous system without the inclusion of rolls. The series, available publicly, is an edited version of the Patreon exclusive show. Each episode is the same as our Patreon show; comprised of 5 of the 10-15 minute narrative-driven episodes that are released weekly save on major difference; in our Patreon show; YOU make the choices.
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7/28: Swan Dive (RPG - Fantasy)
An Actual Play podcast of the table-top roleplaying game Spire written by Rowan, Rook & Deckard Press.
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7/28: Trolls of the Two Tonne Bridges (RPG - Fantasy)
Trolls of the Two Tonne Bridges is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual play podcast. 5 friends rolling dice and maiming accents. Currently playing through the “Tomb of Annihilation” campaign. Expect adventure, laughs and the occasional dinosaur. And zombies. And zombie dinosaurs.
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7/29: Back Again, Back Again (Dramatised - Fantasy)
A new audio drama about prophecies, alternate realms, and queer girls with swords written by Abigail Eliza. It tells the story of Ilyaas, an ex-prophecy child trying to come to terms with her new reality as she struggles to adjust to the ordinary world while still remembering everything she’s seen.
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7/29: Cheriton Players (Dramatised - Anthology)
A series of short plays produced in lockdown.

7/29: The End of the Line (Fiction - Slice of life)
Powerful stories about how we treat women who don't have kids.
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7/29: Yuki: Space Assasin (Dramatised - Erotica)
An Erotic Science Fiction podcast. The Galaxy is a screwed up place, the Human Federation does little to protect it's people on the outer edges before treaty space, where Empires build their economies on slaves and war. That's where Yuki makes her name as the deadliest Human Assassin. Always on the edge of the known verse looking for big scores and infamous targets, all with a smile on her face. Though she's cocky, some would say too cocky. This flaw puts her in some very titillating situations ...
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7/30: Adventures of the Mightiest Pen (RPG - Fantasy)
AMP is an actual play ttrpg podcast!
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7/30: Antecedently (Dramatised - Horror)
A supernatural horror/comedy based around a cursed book. Follow Lorrie, your host, and Fish on their misadventures. Listen to the stories, the shenanigans, and everything that comes with them.
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7/30: Dispatch from the Desert Planet (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Broadcasting to listeners in 268 planets, 126 fixed location space stations, and 12 recently terraformed meteors the 89.x1 team works diligently to bring the best in non-news information while complying with Coalition mandates. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay tuned. Black written. Afrofuturism. BIPOC Podcast.
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7/30: Roll the Damn Dice (RPG - Fantasy)
Podcast by Roll The Damn Dice.
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7/30: This Weird Normal (Dramatised - Slice of life)
A five-part audio fiction podcast about seven young actors who had planned to take a theatre show to the Edinburgh Festival. Then the pandemic struck. Now it is June, and for some of the group it feels as if they are faced with a choice. Do they just sit about waiting for something - anything - to happen. Or do they start making plans? This Weird Normal is developed from an idea by Asif Khan and is written by Asif Khan, Stella Kammel and Susan Wokoma. It was recorded by RADA sound specialists.
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7/31: Charlie (Dramatised - Comedy)
CHARLIE is a fictional comedy series about a radio show host named Charlie, as she faces challenges that force her to examine all there is to know about lust, love, and pain.
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7/31: Earmuff Audio Plays (Dramatised - Anthology)
EarMuff Audio Plays was born in lockdown 2020. It is the love child of two Antipodean artists searching for a creative outlet to explore their passion for storytelling. The EarMuff digital platform focuses on the more theatrical side of audio; offering its listeners a sound-escape from the outside world. Can’t go to the theatre? We’ll bring the theatre to you. With pocket sized monologues and duologues - there’s an audio play for everyone.
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