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June 2020 Audio Drama, Fiction and RPG Podcast Debut Releases

Every month, there are a large number of new audio drama and fiction podcasts released. These monthly lists collate everything I can find that has released an Ep1 in its RSS feed (or youtube page, depending) for the relevant month. Feel free to shout in the comments if you've got more information or corrections and I'll update with anything I'm missing.

And tell me which ones I should be listening to. What have you enjoyed this month?

(This post has been simplified, due to page load time. There's also a page with all the first episodes embedded in it, but beware, it might take ages to load.)

Want to submit your podcast to one of these release lists? Use the dedicated contact page.

6/1: Battle Buddies (RPG - Fantasy)
Battle Buddies is an actual play D&D podcast in an original setting that focuses on collaborative storytelling, exciting adventures and meaningful friendships!
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6/1: Burst (Dramatised - Comedy)
Starting your own business is tricky at the best of times, but when you're the owner of a bubble tea shop on a space station - with a communist as your financial advisor and an alien as a head chef, not to mention the universe's biggest ethically-questionable coffee-shop conglomerate has it in for you- it's a real adventure.
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6/1: Darian Blue (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Private Investigator Darian Blue is THE one to call when you need answers. Is it a man's world? Not when Darian Blue is on the job.
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6/1: Dreambound (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Jesse Pinero plays video games for a living. But as cool of a job as that may sound, it barely makes ends meet. So when a state of the art, virtual-reality game that is way beyond his price range emerges onto the scene, he turns to... questionable means to pay for it. Unfortunately for Jesse, those questionable means demand that if he wants the game he must play it not as a man, but as an adorable, little girl! And to make matters worse, once he gets in the game, he can't get back out! From that point on, it's all downhill for the poor girl-who's-not-actually-a-girl. Bloodthirsty player-killers, obnoxious role-players, eerily clever A.I.s - whatever this crazy virtual world can throw at him it does so in full force. Friends quickly become enemies, enemies quickly become friends, conspiracies and plots are everywhere, and absolutely nothing seems to go quite right.
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6/1: Floors Apart (Dramatised - Slice of life)
A brand new radio-drama series inspired by current events.

6/1: Mondrea Memories (Dramatised - Steampunk)
An immersive audio odyssey into dreamless domain. Decode and reclaim lost memory from chaotic sound. For fans of sci-fi, fantasy, mind-bending thrillers, tales of power and ancient wonder. The epic tale of the DreamersEcho Universe begins here.
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6/1: The Dauntless Gambit (Fiction - Thriller)
The Dauntless Gambit is a sci-fi espionage action-drama written as a novel and being released as a FREE serial!
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6/1: The Kingfisher Chronicles (Fiction - Science fiction)
Tastier than a Jubjub Bean in the jaws of a Rutien Brush Badger, The Kingfisher Chronicles tells the story of three space adventurers as they traverse the infinite galaxy. Inspired by outlandish 80's sci-fi, this hilarious new jargon-brimmed podcast is more powerful than a jackhammer in the hands of a Chumblewarner. See you on Alkanost Prime.
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6/1: The Last Station (Dramatised - Post-apocalypse)
On the last radio station on earth after the apocalypse, a radio host makes her voice heard. In her broadcast, she discovers that she may not actually be the only one left after all.
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6/1: Undercity (Fiction - Cyberpunk)
An audio drama set beneath the city of Neo Babylon.
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6/1: What is Love? (Dramatised - Romance)
While most high school students are infatuated with the idea of love... 16 year old Natania Jones; on the other hand; wants nothing to do with it. ...but when the most popular boy in school asks Natania for a favor... Will this chance meeting, finally convince her to change her mind about love?

6/2: House of Fantods (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
House of Fantods is a paranormal thriller where fact and fiction work as a team... and so do the Old Gods.
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6/2: JustOut Stays In (Dramatised - Anthology)
JustOut Stays In is our new radio play initiative, launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to allow Northern creatives to continue to showcase their work even with theatres and performance spaces shut. Join us every Wednesday for a new radio play, tackling diverse themes from the confessions of a Ted Bundy superfan, taking a deep dive into the empowering nature of 'slagdom', or creating a dystopian world within a television sitcom.

6/2: What Lies Between Sleep (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Dreams do not come to the waking world. They do not steal people away from their lives and their homes, trapping them in eternal servitude. Bernard Sanderson knows this full well. But if dreams were not what kidnapped him one fateful night, then what exactly did? What strange and twisted supernatural forces exist in between sleep? With nothing more than his wits, a trusty podcast microphone and curiosity bordering on obsession, Bernard started the Dreamlights podcast, all in the hopes of finding out just exactly What Lies Between Sleep.
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6/3: Arbery: Drama and Fiction (Fiction - Anthology)
Weekly drama and fiction, 15 - 30 minutes: entertaining, moving, thought-provoking, comic and more.
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6/3: Ficsuasion (Fiction - Anthology)
The combination of Fiction and audio Persuasion, brings you Ficsuasion, a podcast that puts you in a storytelling experience that allows the listener to feel like all the drama and action is happening around you, every story is fiction based, different genres by different writers but same voices.
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6/3: If These Walls Could Talk (Dramatised - Anthology)
A lot can happen behind closed doors... If These Walls Could Talk is a series of improvised audio stories from internationally acclaimed improv duo Adrian Mackinder and Sarah McGillion. Each self-contained episode is completely unscripted and recorded in a single take. This anthology series explores different narrative genres and narrative styles, creating vivid characters and memorable scenes entirely in the moment.
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6/3: Into the Dungeon: Starfinder (RPG - Science fiction)
Small stories told on a galactic stage! Veteran Dungeon Master, Creed Brandley navigates four life long friends through the perils of space. We utilize improvisation and dice rolls to tell a story, live every week.
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6/3: Tabletop Buffoonery (RPG - Fantasy)
A podcast of three best friends playing D&D, most for the first time!
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6/3: The Empty Cage (Fiction - Slice of life)
A look into the life of a gran, and a bird, in the world of Coronavirus.

6/3: Tiny Stories (Fiction - Anthology)
A collection of short audio fiction written and recorded by writer and voice actor Michael Rhys. Often dark, sometimes funny and frequently both, these are tales about dead cats, time machines, ghosts, victorian theatres, bishops, angels, closets, skeletons, and much, much more. Stories will be added weekly, so please subscribe or check back regularly and let us know what you think.
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6/4: As the World Falls Down (Fiction - Science fiction)
A Tale from the future...Dystopian NYC. As a story unfolds, so do incredible creatures, secrets, magic and a message… humanity must hear before it is too late.
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6/4: Finding Time (Fiction - Science fiction)
Finding time is a fiction podcast following the adventures of Caleb, as he finds that the universe is bigger than he ever knew.
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6/4: Live! From Tomorrow (Dramatised - Musical)
An epic musical comedy about tech and innovation, think The Producers meets Gimlet’s ‘Startup’ podcast. Over five episodes, the inaugural season tells the extraordinary story of our lead, Matt Hooper, as he launches his new venture – a variety show-within-the-show known as Live! From Tomorrow. Throughout the first season, Matt tackles subjects like climate change, blockchain, coworking, cryptocurrencies, automation, and AI, and interviews real-life icons and innovators like Andrew Yang, Akon, and Jesse Jackson. Recorded in the style of a cast album, the show seamlessly combines studio recordings with live performances and additional interviews with industry experts.
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6/5: How to Survive in LA (Dramatised - Thriller)
LA, 1994 : When a drug ring crumbles, two aspiring actresses find themselves connected to the criminals and cops involved; a car king is dead, and a worn out PI searches for answers.
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6/5: The Night's End Podcast (Fiction - Horror)
The Night's End Podcast is a short story podcast. With a focus on genres such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and the absurd, it hopes to leave you wishing for the night's end before each story is through.
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6/7: CrossBread (Dramatised - Musical)
Twin brother and sister Josh and Joan Burns formed CrossBread, the hugely successful Christian Rap duo from Boronia in Melbourne's outer suburbs back in 2015. The band briefly lit up GodTube in Australia and became Christian hip-hop superstars, with hits such as "It's Just Jesus" and "A Christian on a Mission (ain't a Christian to be dissin’)". Over six episodes, their former social media manager, Ken Lim, will dig into the archives to trace their origins working in a donut shop, why it all fell apart so quickly, and their biggest regrets - like why a brother and sister would name their band "CrossBread". The Bible might be the greatest story ever told. But this could easily be the second or third best.
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6/7: The Lost Letters (Fiction - Science fiction)
There is a space within the void between universes where all lost things can be found. There we find "The Lost Letters".
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6/7: Vic Hosman: A Fiction Podcast (Fiction - Anthology)
Hi there! And welcome to Vic Hosman: A Fiction Podcast. Here, I'll be telling some of my original stories; whether they be short stories, flash fiction, or a series.
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6/8: Locked In (Dramatised - Slice of life)
LOCKED IN is a story of how a quiet pint can sometimes lead into a struggle to see out the night.
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6/8: Moist Lily (Fiction - Erotica)
Introducing delightfully titillating adult adventures that seek to pay homage and celebrate the literary titans of erotic fiction. Reading alone certainly has its place, but some activities are rather more pleasant when shared...
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6/8: RomComPods (Dramatised - Romance)
Introducing RomComPods, a hilarious and heartfelt new fiction podcast bringing you a new romantic storyline each season. In Season One we meet Claire, a 28-year old Chicagoan who seemingly has her life totally and completely together... until she catches her fiance cheating on her the week of their wedding! Heartbroken (and broke), Claire decides to go on her non-refundable honeymoon - a romantic couple's tour of Italy - alone. Through her fellow tour guests and a *very special* tour guide, Claire begins to mend her broken heart, and learns that upending your life and opening yourself up to a wild and unexpected new chapter isn't such a bad thing!
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6/8: Snyder's Return (RPG - Anthology)
UK based Tabletop Roleplaying Game Podcast featuring D&D 5e Actual Play (where a misfit band of "Heroes" take on adventures across the D&D Multiverse), Interviews and DM/Player Guides.
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6/8: The Mercy River Incident (Fiction - Science fiction)
When astrophysicist Naomi Carver gets a new job in Mercy River Wyoming she makes a startling discovery in the town's abandoned Uranium mine. What she found sends shock waves rippling through her small town, and will change her life forever.
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6/9: Clockwork Bird (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Piece together the mystery of the disappearance of Robin Jaeger, a man with four metal limbs, in this sci-fi horror audio drama. Shelly Croft organises recordings taken from the computer of Dr Sophie Bennett, one of the lead scientists on the synthetic limbs project, and uncovers more than just scientific breakthroughs.
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6/9: Sea of Stars (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Sea of Stars is an original psychological sci-fi drama about one man confronting his past while trying to make a future on the galactic frontier.
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6/9: Subterra (Fiction - Science fiction)
In this sci-fi, dystopian tale of survival, we follow Ace as he scavenges for his existence in a massive, underground bunker. An outcast, he’s always on the run from security forces, AI robots, and mutant creatures. Alone in this world, his only desire is to escape Subterra and see the sun for the first time in his life… But what is waiting for him on the surface?
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6/9: Tales from the Hearth (Fiction - Fantasy)
Tales from the Hearth is weekly storytelling podcast where our storyteller ‘The Grizzly’ thrills and entertains you with fictional paranormal stories from motherland Africa.
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6/10: Pick the Plot (Fiction - Interactive)
An interactive storytelling experience where the listeners get to vote on which direction the story goes.
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6/10: Sylvia (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
A woman with no memory meets a homeless teenager full of hope and fire and a man lost in life - and an unlikely friendship is born. But are her strange dreams and fleeting thoughts a sign of something more sinister?
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6/11: CODEY (Dramatised - Thriller)
A radio drama about a guy who has to go out and search for his girlfriend during lockdown.

6/11: Eberron: A Chronicle of Echoes (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Alufi Haskal d'Sivis and Sylas d'Sivis are here to bring you the latest news and wonderful discussions from our House Sivis Broad Casting Station at the top of Sharn, City of Towers. From discussions on the Treaty of Thronehold, to the latest and greatest Cathith inventions. Tune in with your personal Echoer Device! A Podcast Based on Keith Baker's Eberron Setting for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, 4th, and 5th editions.
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6/11: Grounds (Dramatised - Slice of life)
GROUNDS is the story of 5 Black Professors at a 4 year PWI. A fictitious college and town in the rural south, which is the home of a predominately white 4 year college with students totaling 1700 with 15% of those self-identifying as students of color. 7% of those are Black. The story follows the lives of five Black professors. The only full time, tenure track Black lecturers who work at Morris & Wilkins University. It highlights the trials, obstacles, and joys of maintaining a Black existence within a white academic structure.
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6/11: Ian's Gone Postal (Dramatised - Comedy)
Having gained a fairly useless philosophy degree, Ian takes a job delivering the mail in a disaster of an ex-mining town. Vital life lessons are learned by our sort of hero as he struggles to fit in with the oddball locals and desperately tries to figure out where it all went wrong.
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6/11: PlacePrints (Fiction - Anthology)
Hidden voices and haunted landscapes are conjured up in ten unique stories from the imagination of visionary writer David Rudkin. Join a stellar cast including Juliet Stevenson, Toby Jones, Josie Lawrence, Michael Pennington and Stephen Rea, among many others on an enlightening journey across the British Isles with this dramatic audio cycle that will transform your sense of the landscape around you.
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6/11: Podblob Network Presents (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
The Podblob Network is a podcast network dedicated to curating content from the drippiest corners of humanity. Long live the dream. Long live Podblob.
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6/12: Dungeons & Drimbus (RPG - Comedy)
A gaggle of actors improv their way through hilarious and fantastical worlds in this weekly actual play podcast.
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6/12: Elegant Sea Urchin (Fiction - Fantasy)
An eldritch audio drama about a world removed from our own. Faebl Nox casts about her life and close relations, close calls with horrors and the fractured magenta dimensions, and general events and creatures around the Tangerine Speck.
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6/12: Lovarzi (Fiction - Fanfiction)
The Lovarzi podcast - home of our Doctor Who fan fiction!
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6/12: Mystery at Morton Hall (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
This Golden Age Crime play follows a country house weekend filled with scandals, mysteries and lies. As John Foss unintentionally becomes the thirteenth guest at Lord Addington's manor - Morton Hall - secrets quickly begin to unravel. Death strikes for more than one of the guests, but who is responsible? Will the age old superstition regarding the unlucky number 13 live up to its expectation? And in a Golden Age crime drama, is anyone truly innocent?

6/12: The Emergence Podcast (RPG - Post-apocalypse)
The city of Feuri has been encased within a magic dome for the last three centuries, but events lead a few brave adventurers to emerge and explore the unknown wastes and wilds outside. Emergence is an actual play podcast in a homebrew setting for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons.
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6/12: The Fountain Road Files (Dramatised - Horror)
Introducing The Fountain Road Files, a new horror-fiction podcast from Unexplained creator Richard MacLean Smith. In March 2020, 27-year-old Ben Williams began recording an audio diary of the growing coronavirus pandemic. In May, he was found dead in mysterious circumstances after a series of strange goings-on in his London flat where he was spending lockdown alone, or so he thought...
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6/12: The Godfrey Audio Guide (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
The world-famous audio guide for the Annabelle H. Godfrey Historic Estate and Museum. Please do not touch the art. This is for your own safety.
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6/12: The Quest (Dramatised - Children)
The quest' is a story about adventure. After receiving a mysterious call during lockdown, a librarian and her housemates set out on a quest to discover the meaning of adventure. Ever wanted to go to the moon, become a spy or an inventor? Then join the screen-free fun. Using everyday props, this imaginative audio play offers you a chance to join in with activities to become part of the story.

6/12: We Suck at D&D (RPG - Science fiction)
A group of people make goofs while rolling various shapes in a science fiction world. We play Diet D&D5e. All the fun, none of the set backs.
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6/12: Wordtastic (Dramatised - Children)
Due to an evil plot that has wiped out written language and is causing spoken language to fade from memory, special agent spy kids must race against time to collect and archive known vocabulary before it is lost forever! Wordtastic is a comedy vocabulary development podcast primarily intended for children aged 8-14. The show provides multiple exposures to content-rich vocabulary terms in the context of a fun story of spies and espionage that features kids as the heroes and main characters. Goal of the Show: To impart a love of language and in particular vocabulary to children aged 8-14 through engaging them in an interesting, entertaining, and language-rich story.
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6/13: Un:Voiced (Dramatised - Anthology)
As a podcast, we are keen to showcase the talents and stories of emerging creatives, directors, actors, writers and musicians; and find those artists that otherwise would not have had a chance for their work to be heard by the greatest number.
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6/14: Coco - Same Song, Different Melody (Fiction - Fanfiction)
A retelling of the movie only except Imelda is the musician and Hector is the shoemaker.

6/14: Flies in the Jar (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Two friends embark on a journey to take back what was stolen. They'll have to face the past in order to understand the present.
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6/14: Plaza Theatre Podcast (Dramatised - Anthology)
Audio drama, comedy, and discussion from the Plaza Theatre, Romsey .
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6/14: Your City, Or Something Like It (Fiction - Anthology)
Your City (Or Something Like It) is an anthology of fiction about New York City. Each episode takes place in a specific location in the city. For the full experience, if you can, we recommend that you go to each location and listen to the episode there, for a site-specific listening.
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6/15: Faerie (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Welcome to a world where fairy tales do exist, and “once upon a time” is closer, darker, and more dangerous than you imagined. Welcome to the immersive new Parcast original series, Faerie. Available exclusively on Spotify, Faerie follows the investigation of Ryan Bailey—a young woman, who by happenstance, saves a man’s life and is thrust into a secret world of mythological creatures called “faeries.” Join Ryan as she unearths more about their mysterious existence and the covert agency charged with protecting them.
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6/15: Fortune and Strife (RPG - Fantasy)
An L5R Actual Play podcast for the community, from the community. Join us every week as our samurai travel the Empire trying to find their way through mystery, myth, and family. Starring: Jeanne as Doji Gen, Tyler as Akodo Riichi, Tif as Kuni Yui, Paul as Shosuro Bisho, and Robert Fulkerson/Bayushi Shinichi as your story teller.
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6/15: Play to the Whistle (Dramatised - Comedy)
Set in a post-COVID Caribbean world of football, we follow the trials and tribulations of Tom as he takes on the Manager job at Republican Rabbits. Does the outspoken Bristolian have what it takes to succeed on the pitch, and more crucially does he have what it takes to keep his job whilst he's off it!
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6/15: RPG Blender (RPG - Anthology)
An actual play rpg podcast, focused on giving lesser played games and settings their roll of the dice.
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6/15: This is Not a Podcast The Podcast (Dramatised - Comedy)
Logan has an idea for a podcast that's never been done before - a podcast about the making of a podcast.
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6/16: Dos: After You (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Mystery, horror fiction podcast available in English & Spanish. Deck's life changed the moment he met Sil. Para Deck su vida se resume en antes y despues de conocer a Sil.
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6/16: Remainder (Dramatised - Post-apocalypse)
Remainder is a dynamic audio drama thriller set in a world rebuilding after annihilation. Dr. Daniel MacNaughten and his team must find and retrieve a mysterious weapon from before the Day of Ash, while the prisoner Cora Ducarmont desperately searches for a way to escape the Unbroken Horde. Their paths are about to collide in a way that may determine the balance of power once and for all...
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6/16: The Rise in Fall (Dramatised - Slice of life)
A new corporate audio drama, following Dom, an arrogant, slimey, manager obssessed with power and money and the employees around him.

6/17: Fables Around the Table (RPG - Anthology)
Fables Around the Table is an actual-play tabletop roleplaying game anthology podcast. Each season, we feature a new RPG system with new characters and players. The first season, Curse, is hosted by chronicler Fiona L.F. Kelly and uses The Curse of the House of Rookwood game system.
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6/17: Ombligo Del Diablo (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Welcome to Ombligo Del Diablo! This is an actual play podcast of a home-brewed Mage: The Ascension.
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6/18: Find the Path Ventures (RPG - Fantasy)
The Find the Path crew, a group of long time Pathfinder players, discusses Paizo products, chats about Pathfinder and Starfinder in general, and plays modules and other short adventures.
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6/18: STOR14S (Fiction - Anthology)
STOR14S is a podcast featuring short stories for children, all submitted by the general public as part of a Yahoo writing competition held during the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown.
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6/18: The Afro-Existential Podcast (Dramatised - Slice of life)
An AUDIO-PLAY and PODCAST all in one. Enjoy the play, comeback for the conversation. This season, we present DEAD WAIT: A JOURNEY IN AFRO-EXISTENTIALISM by Blaine Sparks-Teamer. A black comedy, DEAD WAIT tells the story of a modern all-American family: people who love each other but still wrestle with basic human fears: abandonment, poverty, death, and Los Angeles traffic. After you've listened to the play, come back for the Afro-Existential Podcast, where your host Blaine and Indira insightfully (and irreverently) chop up the Afro-Existential themes of the play, as well as interview the cast and many special guests.
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6/19: Night at Bea's (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
A Presentation Academy Senior Independent Project Production: This recording is a radio drama version of the original script, adapted to this format for accessibility during COVID-19. Synopsis: A teenager is stuck in a diner with an unlovable teacher and some odd diner patrons during a storm. While waiting for phone service, this unlikely group must learn to cope with the mystery that brought them to Bea's Diner.
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6/19: One Shot Test Kitchen (RPG - Anthology)
Join April-Lyn, Mike, and Samara as they try out new and interesting PnP RPG games! In each episode, you can listen to them play and then review how they felt about each game. Two episodes each month!
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6/19: The Danger Chronicles (Dramatised - Comedy)
A cross between Lone Ranger and National Lampoon's Radio Hour, our hero will investigate the current events of the day and seek justice... and cat memes.

6/19: Whirlwind for Hire (Dramatised - Musical)
In a world of immortals and mortals, death can get a tad more complicated. This new podcast musical follows a whirlwind spirit working as an assassin for the queen of the gods and the two nymphs trying to hunt them down.
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6/20: Claudia, A Viral Love Story (Dramatised - Slice of life)
A NEW SERIAL AUDIO PLAY BY PROFILE THEATRE Based on Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel's "Covid Bake-Off" writing prompt, and written by an astounding group of 9 playwrights and screenwriters. CLAUDIA, A VIRAL LOVE STORY will take you around the world in 5 Podcast episodes.
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6/20: Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast (Dramatised - Horror)
Presented in the style of a church service, this horror-themed immersive podcast shares spiritual insights, comedy and strange church music direct from Creepy Cove, a mysterious, haunted fishing town by the sea...where every horror movie happened for real.
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6/20: Lippy Kids (Fiction - Anthology)
The Lippy Kids collective was founded in the long, do-nothing days and nights of the Covid lockdown by Charlie Jermyn, Eoin ‘Quack’ McSweeney and Killian Down. The idea was originally for a website where Eoin and Killian could peddle their stories and hope for an audience beyond their doting aunts on Facebook. A sprinkle of ‘why stop there?’ broadened their horizons, Charlie jumped aboard and Lippy Kids was born. The collective is a vehicle for showcasing the work of young, short-story writers, actors, artists and musicians. We publish collections of original fiction four times a year, as well as the Lippy Kids podcast, which intermeshes readings of these stories with Irish music.
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6/20: Superidols! RPG (RPG - Superhero)
SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and a rotating cast of players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical girl anime, showbiz drama, and superhero action!
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6/20: The Most Beautiful Woman (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Since live theatre is destined to be rather rare in the next months, a group of Central California Coast artists drummed up a way of making “theatre of the mind” via time-honored radio drama. Your favorite local actors and artists can still be enjoyed. Advantages are we don’t have long hours of memorization and there is no cost to rent a theater or build a set. These little bite-sized episodes are produced with a unique technique utilizing complete social isolation.

6/21: 24 Hours in Isolation (Dramatised - Anthology)
Before Covid19, before "self isolation" and "social distancing", there was already an epidemic of loneliness in British society. It is most acute in North East England, where 53% of adults feel lonely. That's half of us reading this right now. How many of us have told someone else what it feels like, what it is looks like, what it sounds like? It's time we did. Two dozen of the most exciting musicians, poets, producers, theatre writers and comedians from the North East have come together to create an unprecedented 24hour audio experience. A new story will arrive on this page every hour, on the hour, from midnight on 21st June 2020.
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6/21: Mackaroy Uncovered (Dramatised - Children)
In the quiet Australian country town of Mackaroy, something really strange is happening. The School's principal has disappeared, the whole town's internet keeps crashing every night, and people are being watched. Someone, or something, is keeping tabs on everyone who lives there, and best friends Tang and Mitch are on the case. The 14-year-olds have an online show investigating conspiracies, but what they don't realise is that someone really doesn't want them to find out the truth. This will be their toughest investigation yet, and they'll soon learn that what's at stake is much more than uploading their next show. Join them over eight episodes as they try to uncover the secret of what's really going on in Mackaroy.
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6/22: East Harling Theatre Company Productions (Dramatised - Historical)
Harling Theatre company has virtually created their next production, a radio play, which has been kindly given out licence free by the writers, Pat Blosse and Dennis Diamond. It is set in 1851, with Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte as the narrators.
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6/22: Presented by Chris Goode & Company (Fiction - Anthology)
Audio productions by award winning makers Chris Goode & Company.
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6/22: The Many Mysterious Stories of Toit Boy (Dramatised - Comedy)
An absurd parody horror series.

6/23: Muffy Drake (Fiction - Comedy)
A Frenchman and American walk into a bar... They exhaustively explore the shallowness of human existence, only to realize they are out of their depth and that the fine line between the meaning of life and absurdity is Muffy Drake.
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6/23: Not Presently Deceased (RPG - Fantasy)
A mercenary, bastard child, repair woman, a revenge seeker, a priest, and a fur trader with daddy issues get in a canoe... Sounds like a joke but this is actually the start of friendship and adventure. Watch this medley of adventurers become unlikely heroes of the realm.
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6/24: Adventures of Runeterra (RPG - Fantasy)
Adventures of Runeterra is a League of Legends / Legends of Runeterra inspired actual play 5e D&D podcast. Join a small group of podcast and youtubers play as "heroes" who comedically stumble through an epic adventure that leads them down an ever-unfolding path of fun, mischief, and danger! Prepare to see the League of Legends universe like never before!
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6/24: Fudged Roll (RPG - Fantasy)
Four strangers in a fantasy world awake in a strange cave with no recollection of how they got there. After rushed introductions (and a murder) they visit the nearby village of New Haven seeking answers.
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6/24: Sunward Sky (Fiction - Science fiction)
Alyssa is down on her luck, and needs to do something to turn herself around. She's been led to the less-than-glamorous vocation of maintenance on dangerous satellite upkeep space missions, a job that will eventually cost her health and her life. She's got a secret that she hopes will help herself and countless other people, but first she must navigate the trials and tribulations of spacecraft life. The Sunward Sky is the ship she boards on her first assignment, but during an unscheduled delay before takeoff she sees something unusual in the terminal...
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6/25: Cabin Fever Radio (Dramatised - Anthology)
CFR -- The station that allows actors to practice their craft from the comfort of their own home, while being a part of an ensemble cast, and keeping us all entertained through dramatic readings of your favorite Movies and TV shows, along with our own original material.
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6/25: Doc Danger and the Danger Squad (Dramatised - Musical)
DOC DANGER AND THE DANGER SQUAD is an original musical production of Milwaukee Opera Theatre, with Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jason Powell.
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6/25: Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens (RPG - Fantasy)
Follow the adventures of Kada, Musa, Thavar, Eric and Mortem as they navigate the perils of Athelen. Fires of Athelen - A Shadow Awakens is a tabletop RPG using the Fires of Athelen RPG.
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6/25: Me and AU (Dramatised - Romance)
When Kate "ACunningPlan" Cunningham sparks up an online friendship with a fellow fanfiction writer it seems like the perfect distraction from a summer stuck in her hometown of Kamloops, B.C., not to mention the coming terrors of her final year of university and the Real Adult Future beyond. (Seriously, please don't mention them.) After all, Hella--Enchanted is funny, smart and writes canon-divergent werewolf fic like no one else. She's everything a fandom could ask for. But... what if she's everything Kate could ask for, too?
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6/25: Screenplay Resurrection (Dramatised - Anthology)
Thrillers and crime movies you never heard of because they haven’t been made— yet. Each season we present a full-tilt, radio-style podcast of a feature length screenplay with a final commentary episode from the people involved in the films non-making. We’ll listen to their stories—both bleak and hopeful—about the project that will hopefully get made once it’s been heard on our podcast.
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6/25: Sentinels: Point of No Return (Dramatised - Science fiction)
SENTINELS tells the vast and twisted tale of the last years of the human race from the viewpoint of an unlikely group of comrades, the crew of the ECC Phoenix.
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6/25: The Adventures of Marcus Little (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Tall tales and small rewards, in this supernatural radio noir.

6/25: The Harrowing (Dramatised - Thriller)
A once-in-a-century storm hits the remote Scottish island of Toll Mor. As the isolated community take shelter, a barbaric crime sets off a chain of events which heralds the rise of an ancient evil and threatens to change the course of history. Starring Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt as Police Sergeant Jackie O'Hara, this 8-part supernatural thriller is created by acclaimed writer and director Mark Healy and produced by Storyglass.
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6/26: Crimson Gold Agonies (RPG - Fantasy)
A 5th Edition L5R Actual Play Podcast. In this series we follow a group of Emerald Magistrates, recently elevated and assigned to this troublesome jurisdiction. We will accompany them as they make the city their home, pursue nefarious plots and enforce the law of the land and the Will of the Scion of Heaven. As seasons turn, rebuilding will give way to war, harvest and intrigue — offering them fresh opportunities to shape the River of Gold and the Empire.
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6/26: Hypnopolis (Dramatised - Science fiction)
The story of HYPNOPOLIS takes you on a thrilling adventure in the year 2063. In this brave new world, all court judgements are based on an artificial intelligence called "The System". And instead of receiving a prison sentence, the convicts are put into a deep sleep. The crime rate has dropped to almost zero, injustice seems to be a thing of the past. But when journalist Hope Reiser is woken from a thirty-year sleep penalty she has served for the murder of her husband, she is convinced of her innocence and believes that the real murderer might still be out there and watching her. And as she tries to find her way in this alien future, she starts fighting to clear her past! // HYPNOPOLIS is the first ever fiction podcast series from BMW.
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6/27: Rockfish Gap (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
In the midst of a global pandemic, four students disappear in Shenandoah National Park in search of the mysterious White House of the Woods. Investigative journalist Jessica Matthews, and her reluctant partner and conspiracy theorist, Bill Haddock, revisit the cold case to uncover the truth.
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6/27: The Last Tapestry (RPG - Alt History)
Fate is dead. They're the replacements. The shining city of Astoria Heights is imperiled by a powerful and unknowable force. The city's saviors take the form of an angelic mobster, a fire-dancing mermaid musician, and a bookworm Eladrin who can't control her seasons. How many passes will they have to take in order to save the city? Only time can tell. A 1920s-themed actual play D&D podcast.
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6/28: Escape Reality Radio Theater (Dramatised - Comedy)
This sketch comedy troupe believes that the show must go on, and from their bunker, they broadcast a full sound production featuring sketches and commercials for products made by GOB (their sponsor). Praise GOB!
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6/28: Phantomwise (Dramatised - Adaptation)
On a warm summer day in Oxford, a young girl fell down a rabbit hole; contrarywise, another girl sprouted from the ground like a daisy. Suddenly, life for Millicent & Mary Ann is abnormally normal - & there's only one thing either knows for certain: Alice is responsible. A bite-sized miniseries about Alice and Wonderland, but starring neither of them, by A.R. OLIVIERI and PJ Scott-Blankenship.
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6/28: The Unlikely Knights (RPG - Fantasy)
The Unlikely Knights is a D&D 5e actual play comedy podcast set in the home brew world of Nova Porta.
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6/29: Ragnarok 'n Roll (RPG - Fantasy)
A 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast, set in Norse mythology during the time leading up to Ragnarok.
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6/29: RuneLore Podcast (RPG - Fantasy)
Welcome to RuneLore, an actual play podcast of Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path converted to Pathfinder’s 2nd edition. Join five friends as they embark on a terrifying journey into a world of imagination.
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6/29: The Umbral Theater (RPG - Fantasy)
Join us at the Umbral Theater as we explore various worlds and explore a variety of gaming systems. Whether we're taking down monsters at a surfing competition or battling legions of demons we're bringing you along for adventure!
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6/29: Three Men and a Bassist (Dramatised - Comedy)
Four teachers, all pushing 40, decide to form one final band in a last-ditch attempt to find rock (with a jazz/country/reggae fusion sound) glory. If only they could agree on…anything. A musical comedy without any music.
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6/29: Twisted Tales in Lockdown! (Dramatised - Anthology)
Enjoy original plays & classic drama recorded as part of our Twisted Tales in Lockdown! project.

6/30: Perfect Times Eleven (Dramatised - Musical)
Life’s rough when you’ve got no apparent future and eleven voices in your head.
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6/30: Speak As One (Dramatised - Anthology)
Speak as One is a community-wide writing project, challenging writers to create a short piece of drama for voices.

6/30: Spectre in The Fog (RPG - Horror)
Welcome to Spectre in the Fog, a home brew Call of Cthulhu ttrpg. Set in the gas lit world of Victorian London, can our investigators unravel the mystery and save London from impending doom?!
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6/30: Voidless (Dramatised - Science fiction)
After an anomaly seperates Rebel Captain Elyss Glasse from her team, she finds herself in an unknown place with an incomplete mission and a damaged scout ship. Desperate to find her way home, but unable to stop herself reflecting, the Void may not be as desolate as it first appears.
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