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Where to, Mate?

A new series here, set in a range of cabs around Manchester, following some of the drivers of All Star Cabs. Bernie, Ben and Saj pick up a number of passengers, and spend fifteen minutes setting the world to rights with them.

Bernie picks up Milton each week, after a cheerful first encounter that ends with them swapping names and him promising to ask for her when he books a taxi in the future. They cover various topics, including what delights were left in the lost property box, Noel Edmond's odd calling to the stars for things, and their troublesome pets.

Ben gets to alternate passengers, with his difficulties including "an 'ealer!" who non-consensually pushes energy into him, and a nervous young man who decides to use him as practice for coming out to his dad. He's somewhat blunt, which doesn't always make for the easiest interactions.

Finally there's Saj, who tends to have the more absurd problems, such as having to walk a dog, or avoid sauces. Throughout all of these conversations, there are interjections from the radio controllers, which act as sneaky scene transitions, but also have some of the most chuckle-worthy moments.

It's got a very natural style, the result of being generated by semi-improv. One of those approaches where the actors are allowed to chat for a fair while, talking their way around pre-written bits, and then cleverly edited down to make a coherent narrative. You can make comparisons with Capital, though this is rather more friendly.

It also manages to ping a certain nostalgia for the southern-transported Mancunian, so this one is an automatic listen for me for the next four weeks. Give it a go.

Score 4

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