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Welcome Strangers

Honestly, horribly late on this one, but even if you only catch the last couple of episodes, they're definitely worth it. Sketch comedy, from an excellent collection of female Welsh comedians. As you might expect, there's a combination of one-offs and running gags, the latter of which tend to be my favourites, due to their unexpected returns.

There's Huberty Puberty, a small boy who constantly pretends to be an old man, in order to acquire alcohol or see R-rated films. Naturally, he has about as much success as a pensioner trying to get into a ballpit, speaking in the slang of children, while desperately attempting to make himself sound older. Has, if nothing else, reminded me of "100 percent!" as a fun way of agreeing with people.

Then there's a glamourous (hideous) mermaid, desperate to convince people to either kiss her and give her legs, or help her get rid of her barnacle infestation. A parish council, who try to run events with very limited resources, and a pair who incompetently set up businesses, with a rather hipster approach and a tendency to forget the most important elements.

It's pleasingly filthy on occasion, although my favourite sketch of the entire show is a very innocent affair, about a market stallholder who doesn't have the greatest luck with his neighbours. Overall, an excellent chortle for half an hour, so hope there's some more of this.

Score 4

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