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The Podney Dangercast

Adam and Michael are probably Rodney Dangerfield's biggest fans. They like his earlier stand-up work, but are much fonder of his more recent comic acting, so why not do a podcast about him? In particular, looking at his newest films of 2019 and those he's looking to star in in 2020.

Unfortunately, like most people who decide to just start a podcast without a lot of previous experience, it doesn't go entirely well. The two have a very fractious relationship, with Adam being somewhat overbearing, and Michael frequently distracted by his wife's struggles with polio. There's also poor Sam, the producer, whose job mostly consists of playing in an increasingly annoying sound effect whenever someone says Dangerfield's name (in real time, so obviously is a good source of timing jokes).

So far, so typical, though the eagle-eyed amongst you might spot a few problems with that summary. They've even got some of the more common issues that people encounter, such as running out of space on the recorder (which results in very short episodes), and an inability to upload the shows, with the RSS feed never updating.

But it doesn't quite stop there. For some reason, there seems to be a mysterious slimy hole in the corner of the studio, through which Adam is considering an exploration.

As you may have guessed by now, this is not a non-fiction show. Instead, it's a simulated show, with a realistically naturalistic style that transitions very smoothly from that "oh we're just trying to make a podcast" position.

It's a very brief work, adding up to barely an hour total running time, so it's not one you'll lose much by listening to. Even without that though, I suspect you'll enjoy it. Give it a try.

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