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Hazel Tours

The Clare in the Community creators have joined pilot season, with this one about Hazel Begg, and her new tourism venture. She's offering walking tours of Weith, her home town, and a place she's never been outside of.

Luckily it's got a staggering array of beautiful sights to be appreciated, such as the Hanging Tree, or the Medieval cesspits. And not forgetting the cesspits, or the tree they use to hang people from. Weith is small, is what I'm implying. Though it did manage to have its own "body in a trunk" murder.

It's a surprise then, that Hazel managaes to acquire a couple of American tourists for her inaugural tour, but perhaps less of a surprise that people keep stopping her in the street to offer advice. Or to threaten/attempt to hook up with her recently not-absent father.

All to the background sounds of an ex-boyfriend wondering why he's an ex, a slightly bigamish father, and tourists more interested in her personal life than the sights.

Very entertaining, and obviously set up to allow different people to pop in as part of a series. Given how long Clare ran for, I'm sure they can make this work.

Score 4

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