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Luna: The Shadow Dust

Just a preview this time, rather than a full review, but something I enjoyed playing through the demo of.

Our unnamed protagonist finds himself dropped into a desert, with only a tiny ball of light to keep him company. Thankfully, it doesn't take too long for him to find his way to a door standing alone in the wilderness. That would be the end of a very short game if not for the fact that out of the night falls a mysterious tower to climb through.

Have watched this a few too many times.

And in that tower, what do we find but a collection of puzzles. Each level of the structure is another trick to solve, allowing you to slowly advance your way to the top. It's as you might expect for a point and click (though I'm sure there's more hidden away in the full game), with logical paths to follow, patterns to match and clues to interpret. (Speaking of puzzles however, I did get rather embarrassingly stuck for ten minutes on one, the solution for which was shown on the Steam page.)

You might want to pay attention to the colours.

One nice element of those puzzles is that you very quickly acquire some odd little creature, who you control. You then switch between the two characters, acting in tandem or separately to achieve your goals. There's a fair bit of jumping between different views and memorising perspectives to work out what you need to do.

Not sure if animal or vegetable.

But most noticeably, it's very nicely drawn. The aesthetic is similar to Over the Garden Wall, (excellent series, go watch it), and is a delight to watch. I'm hoping the full game gives me something like Gris, but with a bit more emphasis on the gaming elements. One to look forward to.

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