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How to Find New Audio Drama/Fiction Podcasts

I've often seen people wonder how best to find new audio drama/fiction podcasts, and so I thought I'd finally convert my "master list" of sources into one handy web page for easy reference. This is naturally always going to be slightly out of date, so if I've missed any, feel free to shout at me in the comments and I'll update.

This breaks down into a few different groupings, including specific reviewers, databases and awards.

Databases which collate audio drama/fiction:
Audio Drama Wiki
Fiction Podcasts
Indie Audio Drama
RPG Casts

Discussion boards:

Awards specifically for audio drama/fiction:
Audio Verse Awards
BBC Drama Awards
Mark Time Awards
Parsec Awards
The ATC Seneca Awards
The Sarah Awards
UK International Radio Drama Festival

General awards that can include a specific drama/fiction category:
Audie Awards
Austin Film Festival
Australian Podcast Awards
British Fantasy Awards
British Podcast Awards
Podcast Awards
iHeartRadio Awards
New York Festivals' World's Best Radio Awards
People's Choice Podcast Awards
Webby Awards
Young Audio Awards

Reviewers of audio drama/fiction:
Aigner Loren Wilson
Atticus' Attic
Audio Drama Rama
Audio Drama Reviews
Audio Drama Showcase
Audio Theatre Central
Audiohm Media
Bello Collective
Boyd Barrett
Cake Radio
Cast Junkie
Elena Fernández Collins
Finding Fear
Liam's Lovely Listens
Podcast Candy
Podcast Maniac
Podcasts in Color
Podern Times
Radio Drama Revival
Ryan Horner
Set The Tape
Siniar Talks
Sonic Society
The Audio File
The Fantasy Inn
The Pod Report
The Podcast Dragon
Wil Williams

And just to finish with a little bit of self-promotion, I have a Twitter account, @AudioDramaDebut, which collects all new audio drama/fiction debuts I find, and I collate them into monthly release lists.

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