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Reincarnated as a Sword - Yuu Tanaka

I am beginning to suspect that I should rename this site "Born in another world as a blogger", given the frankly disturbing number of books of this sort I've read. I'm honestly curious to see if I can find one that's sillier than the vending machine isekai, because thus far that's the gold standard for daft.

This isn't quite as extreme, but at least we're still in inaminate object territory, with our default character, the necessarily dead salaryman, waking up to discover that he's now a sword. A particularly beautiful sword in fact, sitting in a pristine stand in the centre of a wild-looking field.

Now, you might think that this requires him to wait really quite a long time for someone to come and wield him, but you'd be very wrong indeed. Luckily for him, he's a magic sword, with his own stats, levels, and special skills, and one of those is telekinesis. So he can wield himself (hopefully without going blind).

That function means he can dive through the air, merrily chopping his way through an array of weak and not so weak monstrous foes, like a pointy missile. And since this is an isekai, he can murder more or less anything without any significant challenge, and absorb all of their intrinsic powers, such that after about a chapter and a half he is more powerful than literally everyone.

But let's not forget that this is a story, and that needs some form of character conflict. That exists in the form of Fran, a slave he rescues from a travelling slaver (and a nearby monster), who he convinces to pick him up and swing him around. Why yes, she is a catgirl, how did you know?

Fran's wielding means that she gains access to more or less all of his skills and any tension that could possibly exist vanishes. The most egregious example of this is when her arm gets sliced off. It is reattached in the same paragraph.

The characterisation is poor, with simple dialogue, except when it gets unnecessarily involved in the underwear buying scene (yes, really), and I can't say I've any interest at all in further volumes. It's a power fantasy, that doesn't offer anything more than "oh look, the numbers have gone up!" Skip it.

Score 2

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