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May 2019 Audio Drama Debut Releases

Thought I'd try compiling one of these lists of new audio drama podcast debut releases, so here you go. Feel free to shout in the comments if you've got more information or corrections and I'll update with anything I'm missing. (Note, "new" here means the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released in the relevant month.) If you can point me in the direction of embed code for the ones I'm missing, will happily add that.

5/31: The End of Their Worlds (Drama - Thriller)
Worlds will end. But what will be the cost? University students Olivia and Megan stumble into a fight they never knew existed against a force which demands justice for crimes nobody knew were committed. But regardless of their ignorance, a hidden city lies under the ocean with reason to be angry - its inhabitants just need to be shown it.
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