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Jo Caulfield: Pretending to Care

I do wonder how these one-off stand-up shows get commissioned. Is there a regular schedule that I've failed to notice because of my internet-based listening habits? A slot once a week/fortnight/month of stand-up that I've simply not picked up? And then how do they select who gets a slot? Answers on a postcard please.

This time it's Jo Caulfield's turn, with a quickly moving half hour about home life, romance, the trials and tribulations of marriage, and a bit of tourist information. That last one mostly involves flashers, but does have a decent amount of castles for those who prefer their buttresses covered up.

She's always a nicely scathing personality, able to point her frustation carefully at both herself and others (a little self-deprecation is excellent at blunting the force of a sharp remark), which in this case involves her own bloke-ish nature, and how that crashes into either friendships with girly girls, or her husband. For example, his idea of roleplay is slutty nurse. Hers is vasectomy nurse.

However, I think this is one of those situations where while her delivery is spot-on (she's being doing this a long time, and is a consummate comedian), her topic doesn't quite sit in my field of interest. I can't say I've got any great concern for the "magic triangle", or the fun that can be have with painters and decorators (not like that, all the stripping here is done with gas torches).

I would say give it a listen, as you might be more in the target audience than I am, and I can't fault the delivery.

Score 3

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