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Pen Pals

Quick trip to Wales for a bit more Brexit, because that's a thing we need more of. Still, at least this one

Sarcasm aside, this is comedy once again, with Cerys, a main character who has achieved the impossible, and not heard about Brexit until today, which coincidentally happens to be her 30th birthday. Brexit is definitely a problem for Cerys, as the French pen pal she made on a school exchange trip never wrote back to her, and she's worried she'll now not be able to communicate with France.

With that problem, and her overwhelming sense of lack of purpose, there's obviously nothing more sensible she can do than jump on a bus, head to France, and try and find Mathieu to rekindle that friendship. A shame then, that she doesn't speak French, has effectively no idea how to operate as an independent human being, and doesn't know where he lives.

So it goes about as well as you might expect.

Bit of a strange show, that doesn't seem to have any one particular theme in mind. There's Cerys' incompetence, the politics of Brexit, a lot of amusing French stereotypes and personal growth. Unfortunately, that does result in it feeling a bit scattered. While comedy doesn't have to have a message, it should probably have more of an arc. I wasn't entirely convinced by an ending that suggested a certain amount of character development.

At least the ludicrous French tropes were pretty good. It's been a while since I've heard properly silly Frenchness. Bit underwhelming in general though.

Score 3

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